Gaby & Leia


♡ How did you meet?

Leia and I met whenever we welcomed her into our home back in Christmas of 2016! My husband and I were newly-weds, and Leia was the best addition to our new little family! 🥰

♡ Any fun tricks your dog love to show?

Leia is a pro when it comes to skateboarding! 🛹 She loves to run alongside my husband as they skateboard around the block. She picked up on it pretty early too!

♡ What's the naughtiest thing your dog has done?

She recently locked my husband and I out in our backyard at 1 AM! She hit the deadbolt on the back door with her paw while we were out back. Definitely something we can laugh about now! 🤣

♡ Any favorite activity your dog look forward to during the summer?

Lately we’ve been taking Leia to new dog trails for her to explore, and she’s been loooving that. Since it’s summer in Texas, it can get quite hot, so we’ve been wrapping up our little outings by visiting a snow cone stand and she’s a HUGE fan of that!

♡ Does your dog love being on the water?

If her frisbee is being thrown in the water, yes! 🤣

♡ Where is your dog's favorite place to go?

Leia's favorite place to go is probably the doggy bakery - she loves picking up a few treats! 🍪

♡ Any top tips for being the best fur parent?

“Give the same love back that your dog gives to you!” - My husband actually said that, so I think he deserves the credit! 😍

♡ What is it like having a dalmatian as your best friend?

It’s the BEST! We love having Leia as part of our family. She meshes so well with our personalities, too!

♡ Does your dog like to play with other people or with other dogs?

Leia loves to be around others, and has the most fun whenever she’s at the dog park with her closest friends! 🐶

♡ If your pet could talk, what do you think she would say? And what would your reply be?

She’d probably something sarcastic if I had to guess! And my reply would likely be the same! 😀

♡ What's your dog's telltale sign that you're going on an adventure?

Whenever Leia can tell we’re going on an adventure she usually starts wagging her tail at an unreal speed!

♡ How has your life changed when you met Leia?

Leia has been there with us through it all—from the first few months of our marriage, to all of the moves in between. 💍 We’re so excited that she’ll get to experience all of life’s biggest moments with us!