Green With Envy!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new Magical Malachite FriendshipCollar!

Here at FriendshipCollar, we love our natural world and are often inspired by it. This gorgeous new design was inspired by the mineral malachite, which has a striking green color and often features unique swirl patterns in rich green and blue hues. Malachite has been used in clothing, jewelry, and makeup for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Egyptians used it as early as 3000 BCE. We have listed some super fun facts about Malachite below.

Fit for a King (Or Princess!)

This gorgeous mineral is particularly popular with Russian royalty! In fact, there’s an entire room dedicated to it in St. Petersburg’s Winter Palace!

The Malachite Room was added to the palace in the 1830s, and was the official drawing room of Emperor Nicholas I’s wife, Alexandra Fiodorovna. If it’s good enough for Royalty it’s good enough for Man’s best friend!

It Brings Protection and Success!

Malachite is often used in fashion jewelry, not only does the colorway pop and look beautiful, according to those who use crystals for healing, malachite can ward off danger and increase the wearer’s chances of business success! It is thought to offer protection and prosperity to the wearer!

It’s hidden all over the world…

Malachite can be found in Russia, France, Chile, and Australia, as well as in Arizona and New Mexico. However, Russia has the most malachite deposits of anywhere in the world.

The Egyptian goddess of love wore malachite makeup.

Liz Taylor in Cleopatra

According to Egyptian mythology, Hathor, the goddess of love, music, and beauty, wore makeup made of malachite. Some green eyeshadows today also include very low concentrations of malachite, which is how they get their dazzling color. 

We hope that you love this new design! It is available for both dogs and kitty cats too!

We can’t wait to see you and your BFF rocking Magical Malachite soon!

Love and friendship x

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