Liz & Maya


♡ How old is Maya?


♡ How did you two become best friends?

Maya was a little unsure of me at first, but I started giving her treats every time I saw her and then she started giving me puppy kisses every time I saw her! From then on, we have been best buds 🙂

♡ Can you give us more information about her breed? How small is she?

She is a Klee Kai mix – 1/2 Alaskan Klee Kai, 1/4 Shiba, and 1/4 Siberian – this called “mini husky” – she looks proportionally like a husky, but is only 23 lbs!

♡ Do you take Maya with you on your vacations? Where is the most memorable one?

Yes! My bf and I travel for work and for fun, and she comes with us everywhere – so far, my favorite place has been Seattle because she ran wild on the beach, and seeing her happy in her element was

♡ Can you tell us something about what makes your friendship with Maya so special?

Maya is the sweetest dog I have ever met, I grew up with dogs and have volunteered in shelters, and no dog has ever compared to her. In a way, she is a bit innocent, so I always feel the need to protect her. In return, she loves and protects me whenever I need a little extra lovin’.

♡ What’s the cutest thing your dog has ever done?

We taught her the trick “target” where she hits our hand with her nose – since then she has decided that whenever she wants attention she just targets us – ANYWHERE – the cutest thing is that she targeted my bf in the face!

♡ It looks as though she loves the beach! Is she a fan of swimming?

She loves water!! She isn’t so sure about swimming if the water is deeper than her legs – but loves to run around leg deep water and bite water fountains, hoses, sprinkles, anything that sprays.

♡ Can you tell us any funny stories about Maya, maybe something we would never have expected!

Maya gets mad when we leave her home alone, but unlike most dogs she doesn’t chew things up, just moves them around! She puts shoes on the bed, clothes on the couch, etc. The funniest thing she has ever done is put my bf’s underwear in her water bowl!

Life with a husky is..….

CRAZY, they are fun, goofy, sweet, loving, and very adventurous. We love taking Maya on adventures, to the dog park, and then coming home to a relaxing, cuddly evening.

Maya is my best friend because….

she loves me unconditionally and is always dog for a great day together 🙂