Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your BFF

Whether you're going trick-or-treating to collect free candy all night, or you have a fancy dress party to attend where you can BYOD (that’s Bring Your Own Dog -- the only party worth going to, if you ask us!)  Is there anything better than dressing up as your favorite fictional character? We think so… It’s bringing your BFF, whether it be a pooch or kitty cat, along for the ride!

(Photo source) Junk food has never been more appealing!

Let’s face it, dressing up your pooch or cat (with zero judgement) is possibly one of the best parts of this holiday! It’s the one day where you can go totally crazy and turn your cuddly BFF into a superhero, spooky ghost, or a hilarious spider! (Yes, someone went there). Poor pooch!

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Stumped on how to include your canine companion into your Halloween costume? We’ve got some ideas that are sure to help you win that costume contest, whether your dog loves getting all dressed up or prefers to stay au naturale. We have some dynamic duo ideas that are frightfully fun, and will possibly get you more candy this Halloween night.

1. Hairy Potter 

Add some glasses, a wand, and a scarf, and your pooch should be ready for a game of Quidditch! Dress up as Hermione Granger or Harry himself to become a wonderful wizarding duo with your magical mate! Expecto Patronum - Mischief Managed!

2. Game of Bones 

(Photo credit: HBO and this little cuddly dragon!)

Be Khaleesi for a night and take what is yours with fire and blood! Grab a white blonde wig to turn yourself into the queen, add some dragon wings for your pooch and Kings Landing can be yours! Extra points if you have 3 doggies to dress as your 3 dragons!

3. Witching Hour

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Witches outfits are an easy, fun fix, but instead of grabbing a broomstick  to complete your outfit, how about turning your cute cat into the sweetest little bat! Just add some little wings (you can make these out of cardboard and spray them black!)

4. Dorothy & Toto   

If you’ve got a small pupper, stick a bow on him and call him Toto! (Bonus points if you can find a picnic basket to carry him in!) Want a scarier version? Why not dress up as the Wicked Witch instead? Also you get to wear glittery red shoes! It’s a win-win for everyone!

5. Wonder Woman and Super Pup

Every pup is a super pup in our eyes! All your BFF needs to pull off this costume is a cape. Wonder Woman costumes can be found at virtually any fancy dress shop, which makes this costume super handy! We wonder what your pooch's super power would be? 

6. Minions 

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Who doesn’t love Despicable Me? If you’re looking for costume ideas for the whole family, why not go as Gru and the girls? Dress your fur babies in Minions costumes to complete the ensemble. And yes, there are Minions costumes made especially for dogs. We checked. You’re welcome!

7. Ghostly Ghouls

If you are running low on time, grab a sheet for you and a pillow cover for your pooch and go as ghosts! Just make sure your pooch can see where they are going! And make an extra hole for their nose and mouth! (Yeah, we know it's not super original, and your dog will literally look like you just threw a pillow case over them, because you kinda did...but imagine opening the door to this little ghostly figure at your porch! Cuteness overload.)

Before you go… Competition Alert!

We’re hosting a Pumpkin decorating competition.  The rules are simple: decorate a pumpkin, snap a photo, and send it to us!

You can send it to us on Facebook or follow us @friendshipcollar on Instagram and use the hashtag #FriendshipCollarPumpkin so we can find your picture! 

The theme is FriendshipCollar! Carve, paint, or bejewel your pumpkin! We just want to see your gorgeous art, so feel free to get creative! Bonus points if you carve or paint a FriendshipCollar design! And even more bonus points if your dog helps you decorate!

At the end of the month, we’ll choose our favorite design and reward the winner with some scarily good treats!

Love and friendship x