Maria & Rex

♡ How old is your best friend?

Rex is two years old.

♡ When did you & your pooch become best friends?

We became best friends since I brought him home two years ago.

♡ Can you tell us a bit about your life together, what is Rex favorite places to explore?

Rex's favorite places to explore are: the dog park, the beach, the lake, and driving to Starbucks to get a puppaccino ;)

♡ What is the silliest or cutest thing Rex does or has done?

The cutest thing Rex does is going up to my room in the morning, putting his heavy paws on my face and licking me to wake up. Then, getting in my bed haha.

♡ Is your pooch a beach pup or does he prefer the dog park?

Rex is both! He enjoys the beach and the doggie park :)

♡ What made you start your Instagram?

Since I got Rex two years ago, I knew that German Shepherds suffer from a lot of problems. So I wanted to start reviewing products that I know will give him benefits, and other doggies can love the products as well! Plus Rex loves getting his picture taken.

♡ Your pooch looks so photogenic! Is your pup happy to be photographed?

Yes! He knows when he gets a box, he has to sit down and wait for me to open. Then, goes to the place I tell him to ... sits and gets the picture taken!

♡ If your pooch could talk, what would he say?

He would say he wants more chicken jerky because that's his favorite! And to not stop giving him belly rubs

♡ Life with a German Shepherd is...

Challenging, crazy, but rewarding. There's never a bad moment with them. Life with a German Shepherd is being blessed to have the protector of your heart. 

♡ Rex is my best friend because...

He gives me his unconditional love.