Hanna Kitty

How did you and Hana become best friends?

I first met Hana from a picture, that my friend sent to me. We had been decided to buy an American Shorthair at that time and when I saw the photos of Hana I immediately wanted her to join our family, In fact the picture was really fuzzy, but I still had a really good feeling that she would be a fantastic friend from the minute I saw this picture. I think it must have been fate.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Hana?

Hana is Scottish Fold. She is just over 1 years old and when we first got her, her ears hung down just like other Scottish Folds, yet as she grew up they began to gradually change and became wave shaped. She has unusually big eyes, a little cherry mouth, and she is long and beautiful. The longer she spends with me, the more alike we have become!   While she was baby, she loved to hang on my neck and sleep and as she grew up she began to sleep on my head!

What is the cutest thing she does?

She likes to lick my face a lot! She has done this since she was a kitten. I think it is a sign of love and I don't have the heart to refuse it.

Can you tell us about a typical day with Hana?

She is always very curious about what I do, what I am eating and where I am going. She watches me whilst I work and she liked to play and be mischievous! If I watch TV, I know she will come and watch with me. She also likes to watch me play video games! When I get home from work, she is always there waiting for me, but she will never step out of the house. She is just the most lovely cat!

Hanna Kitty Video

Is there anything that she does that is unique?

Sometimes I will feel like she does not act like a typical cat as she meows like others cat. Instead when I talk to her, She will respond with lovely noises like "Gu Gu Gu". Also in Asia there is a saying called 'Under the cat's hands' which means that cat's paws are their pride, so they will never let someone touch them. However Hana always lets me hold her paws!

Does she like playing any games? Or have a favorite toy?

She especially likes to play hide and seek with me, sometimes if I suddenly appear face to face with her, she will get really scared and run away!

Can you describe your best friend to us!

Hana is my lovely pet but also my dear best friend! Because of this love, I want to spend every minute with her that I can!