Tinkerbelle & Sam

Our latest pet crush: Tinkerbelle & Sam

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What is life with Tinkerbelle like?

Amazing!  Fun and busy!!  She is a professional model and works with a lot of companies

Can you tell us the story on how you first met Tinkerbelle?

I found Tinkerbelle in a shelter.  I knew we had a connection instantly.  She didn't respond to anyone in the shelter while there.  I saw her and she came over to me right away.  We knew we were meant to be together.

Can you describe Tinkerbelle's personality? How is she like in a daily basis?

Tinkerbelle is the happiest and most lovable pup on earth.  She greets everyone with kisses and a smile.  She loves to meet people and to loves walking thru the streets of NYC.

Where is the best place that she hangs out in the house?

She loves to hang out in the bedroom.  She crawls under the side table - next to the bed and sleeps .

Tinkerbelle looks very sociable? Is she always friendly to everyone?

Tinkerbelle is always friendly to all.  Always happy to see you.  First time or 100th time .  She is always happy.

Do you always bring Tinkerbelle to events or vacations? Where is the most memorable one?

Tinkerbelle has been at many events - as a guest.  She spent all of fashion week sitting front row at all of the big shows.  The most memorable this fashion week was Betsy Johnson.  We were backstage before and after the show.  Betsy held Tinkerbelle forever.  Every news station and magazine too photos of her.

Does Tinkerbelle have a favorite trick?

Tinkerbelle loves to roll over on cue and bark on cue.

Tell us a funny story about Tinkerbelle.

Tinkerbelle sleeps on my lap on the way into New York City.  As soon as we pass thru the bridge she leaps up and looks out the window.  She loves the city and knows by instinct when we arrive.

Tinkerbelle always looks photogenic in her pictures, Does she love being photographed?

She is a real supermodel.  Loves posing for pictures and can stay forever until the photos are done.

What is your favorite activity with Tinkerbelle?

I love going away on vacation with her.  We get to spend time relaxing and experiencing new adventures together.  And we don't have to be on a schedule

Lastly, can you finish this sentence: Tinkerbelle is my best friend because...She never says no.  She is always eager to be with me and always kisses me.  She is my best friend