Harry Potter Animal Besties

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.” With that immortal opening line, we were all introduced to a world of magic – and magical besties! And so today, on The Boy Who Lived’s very birthday, we are honoring some of the magical besties (ahem, fantastic beasts, if you will) of the Harry Potter world. Wands at the ready!


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We have to, of course, start where these besties all began: the snowy owl, Hedwig, and Harry’s first true friend. After being whisked off to a whole new life by (one of FriendshipCollar’s personal fave characters) Hagrid, Harry learns he can buy one of three types of animals allowed at Hogwarts: toad, cat, or owl. In selecting this snowy stunner, Harry cemented a lifelong friendship. Not only useful for delivering packages and letters, Hedwig was loving and resourceful and did her part valiantly above and beyond the birdy call of duty in fighting He Who Must Not Be Named. Fly high, our OG Hogwarts bestie!


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Move aside, muggles – Crookshanks was the bestie to save the day! This grumpy-faced oddball was lovingly adopted by Hermione (love) and, despite objections from some of her friends around his general demeanor, he was the cat (well, half-Kneazle, actually) who was always a step ahead and had his bestie’s best interests at heart. No ordinary rodent chaser, Crookshanks knew something was off about Ron’s pet ‘rat’, and helped expose him for being a cowardly Death Eater in hiding. We’ll forever hate Peter Pettigrew but forever love Crookshanks and idolize his close bond with the brightest witch of our time.


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Ah, Fang. One of the reasons Hagrid ranks so highly on our list is his undying love for all his besties – as Care of Magical Creatures teacher, in our opinion, there was no better. Rubeus Hagrid loved animals – and especially the misfits. Just look at his canine bestie, Fang! A big ol’ boarhound, Fang and Hagrid were that classic combo like PB&J. He was such a loyal friend, he even adopted Hagrid’s charges as his own and went along with Harry and Ron into the Forbidden Forest, dutifully keeping an eye on them. When our LEAST favorite witch EVER, Umbridge, hit Fang with a Stunning Spell, his human bestie roared into action – no one stuns Fang and gets away with it!


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Keep ‘em coming, Hagrid! Once again, our creature-loving half-giant steals our hearts with his care for Buckbeak, the unfairly accused hippogriff. First off, how cool are hippogriffs? How many times has it seemed impossible to decide between fave besties? Well, hippogriffs are the perfect answer as they contain a little bit of a lot of besties: part eagle, part horse, all magic! They also are very intelligent and have a high sense of right/wrong – plus a really cool tradition of bowing to show mutual respect. Buckbeak in particular showed his bravery in helping Harry rescue another other unfairly accused, Sirius Black, and was much beloved by Potter, Black, and his truest friend – Hagrid.


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Another unconventional bestie courtesy of Hagrid’s soft spot for crazy creatures. This doggo was, if we’re honest, kinda goals – we mean, THREE doggies for the price of one? Can you imagine just throwing a tennis ball and watching the three separate heads on one body charge after it? Too cute! Of course, Fluffy wasn’t really concerned with being too cute – he had a job to do, after all! As one of the Philosopher’s Stone’s protectors, Fluffy was a canine against Voldemort. And, even though technically old Voldy and our three heroes got past him, can we take a moment to appreciate how sweet it is that this big, ‘scary’ bestie was able to be lulled to sleep by a sweet tune?


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While not the most flashy of pets, no one can deny the sweet bond between another of our fave wizards, Neville Longbottom, and his beloved, decidedly nonmagical toad, Trevor. Our forgetful Neville lost Trevor several times over his first year, but his panic at each separation just proved how much he love the little amphibian. Neville’s caring nature was a perfect match for this hoppity bestie, too, and was extra special to Neville as Trevor was a gift commemorating the first time he showed magical powers. Having his family fear him a Squib (born into a wizarding family but yet having no magic), Trevor symbolized that heck NO, Neville was as magical as they come – and as beloved. Trevor’s most notable moment, too? Taking part in the Frog Choir in Neville’s third year. What a talented toad!


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Yet another entry thanks to Rubeus-Ol’-Bestie-Loving-Hagrid, Norbert was his itty bitty baby dragon. OK, let’s all take a second to agree that a normal name like Norbert just makes this whole dragon-as-pet situation even more adorable, right? Winning this dragon egg in a fixed card game (unknowingly against Voldemort slash Professor Quirrel), Hagrid lovingly kept the egg warm until it hatched into a cute little fire-breathing lizard. Alas, some besties are just meant to be wild and so, as Norbert grew big and dangerous, Hagrid did the right, responsible, and caring thing and sent his baby to live free in Romania with Charlie Weasley. The kicker, though? Hagrid later found out his precious baby boy was actually a lady, now called Norberta.

Dishonorable NonMention – Scabbers

We’re not even going to justify this traitor with a picture, and just wanted to lament that how DARE Pettigrew hide out as a cute little rodent bestie – all animals deserve better and he did NOT deserve the status of Animagus 🙅‍♀️

We just adore the wizarding world and all its fantastical furry/scaly/feathery/etc. friends and send a happiest of birthdays wish to our boy, Harry Potter. Which fantastic beast would you want to share a FriendshipCollar set with?

BONUS – Quiz Time!

Is your own bestie a Slytherkit, a Ravenpaw, a Grrrrrryfindog, or a Hufflepup? Find out below!

When it comes to making friends, how does your bestie approach the situation?

A. With tails a-waggin’! They love meeting new friends, human or animal.

B. With caution. They’re not opposed to new friends, but need to vet them properly.

C. They analyze them from a distance and then begin the friendship with a blatant curiosity.

D. With no reservations! Who wouldn’t want to be their friend, after all?


What’s your bestie’s fave weather?

A. Not too warm, not too cool – perfect weather for either picnicking outside or snuggling indoors.

B. Crisp and a little cool. The perfect temperature and atmosphere to think, to plan, to feel energized.

C. Honestly, they love it when it’s rainy. Cool, gray days find them staring out the window, contemplating.

D. Bring on the sunshine, baby! They love to be outdoors running around and showing off their stuff.

What would be your bestie’s favorite book?

A. Eat, Pray, Love. They’re all about harmony, love and, of course, food!

B. The Prince. They love a good philosophical how-to and Machiavelli hits all the right notes of cleverness and planning they appreciate.

C. A Brief History of Time. What is the universe made of? Just what is at the heart of relativity? Where does my poop go when my human picks it up? Your bestie likes pondering these big questions.

D. A comic book. Something short with lots of pictures. They aren’t really the reading type.

If your bestie could eat human treats with no consequences, what would be their fave dessert?

A. Warm apple pie with some vanilla ice cream. Oh, and whipped cream! Maybe some caramel? Anything indulgent, cozy and filling, sign them up!

B. Key lime pie. They like a little sour with their sweet and aren’t into overindulging. They have a more refined palate and love a bit of an edge.

C. Passionfruit panna cotta in a chocolate orb with Madagascar vanilla foam. Your bestie appreciates an intelligent plating and would honestly like something a little scientific to finish off their meal.

D. Gummy worms. Bright, tasty, and easy to eat on the go – your bestie would happily chomp away on something easy and fun.

Your bestie has the TV for the night! What are they pulling up on Netflix?

A. Good Eats. A feel-good show about cooking with humor and coziness mixed in? Sign them up!

B. Making a Murderer. Your bestie is fascinated by procedure, how even careful planning can go awry, and maybe just a little bit of the darker side of people’s nature.

C. Bill Nye. If there’s one thing your bestie is, that’s curious and smart! They would love learning more about the world in an accessible way from Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill Nye the Science Guy!

D. Air Bud. That movie has everything: dogs, sports, adventure, comedy, and a healthy helping of nostalgia.

All right, time to tally those answers!

If your bestie got mostly A’s: They’re a Hufflepup! Your bestie is the ultimate in the Best Friend category and they love enjoying the sweet and cozy life with the human they adore. Always down for a snuggle and a snack, you have a true lifelong friend.

If your bestie got mostly B’s: They’re a Sytherkit! You always knew it, but your bestie is special. Probably more of an introvert, they are intelligent and value rules and order. While not the most outgoing, you know that when they are with you, someone who really understands them, they share a deep connection.

If your bestie got mostly C’s: They’re a Ravenpaw! Smart, clever, and curious would probably be three words you would use to describe your bestie! Has it always felt like your friend can figure things out beyond what you expect? Your bestie probably knows your entire work schedule, how to access the treat cupboard, and might have a small grasp on the meaning of life.

If your bestie got mostly D’s: They’re a Grrrrrryfindog! Rambunctious, athletic, and always down for a good time, your bestie likes to be the center of attention – and they deserve it! The first to jump off a dock or charge headlong at some deer, time spent with your furry friend is never dull.