Phew! It’s hot out here (there must be some puppies in the atmosphere!) The summer months mean a ton of Vitamin D! Tanned faces! Sweaty snouts!

Are you racing back into the air con? Sleeping with a fan at night – or cautiously sticking a foot outside the covers (you know, so the demons totally don’t grab ya)? Or sweltering and overloading on popsicles to cool down? Us, too! Imagine if your body was covered in fur 😫

If you live in a place that’s cold and the sun is finally out you’ll probably be doing a crazy samba dance down the street and enjoying those rays!

However, if you’re finding it just that bit too sweaty, makeup running off your face, hairstyles dying in the humidity, and you find yourself dashing into any store or building just to get close to the AC to feel normal again… Imagine what your poor pooch or cat feels like! Covered from head to tail in fur their bodies need just that little bit extra TLC these summer months! Let’s take a look at how to cool down your pretty kitty and drooling doggo.

Do you want to keep your furry friend smiling and wagging during these hot summer months?

We’re feeling hot, hot, HOT – let’s fix that!

Coolin’ them Kitties

It’s a kitty cat picnic! 

Let’s start this one off with something for the felines. Your kitty may be an indoor gal but they’re still susceptible to the rigors of the warm weather. Make sure they have a cool, dark place set aside for them, like a basement nook or a corner of a closet with a fan running.

Also – your kitty has a LOT of fur, so be sure to brush them regularly in the summer to lighten their load.

When all else fails? Give them some ice cubes to bat around! They’ll be entertained and cooled off at the same time.

De-Heat those Dogs

Check out this pupper! Basking in the sunshine! 

Does your doggo like to sunbathe? We can’t blame ‘em, but they don’t need to tan, so make sure they have some shade available to retreat to as well as a full water bowl to drink from. Keep it cool longer by tossing in some ice cubes!

If your hot dog is already too much of a hot dog – ie is your doggo overheating? – the best way to bring their core temp back down is to wrap their body in cool, wet towels or soak your pup from a cold hose, especially paying attention to the head, neck and areas under their arms and legs.

Let them play in the water! If you are not near the sea and don’t have a paddling pool, a good old garden hose will do the trick!

Get Fruity!



Healthy snacking in the summer is – hard! Oh ice cream, oh popsicles, oh kettle corn and funnel cake – how we love you! But you’re not all that healthy for humans and you’re definitely not bestie-friendly. So what’s a snack-loving duo to do? 

Fresh fruit it up! We adore juicy fresh fruit! We’re talking orange slices, cherries by the pound, exotic starfruit, pineapple chunks, berry blasts, and thirst quenching lemonade – it’s all amazing and all shareable! (Just don’t, you know, give your pup the seeds or the pits).

Summer with your BFF!

The BESTEST of buds

No school, no summer camp – no worries! Whatever the weather, you can spend your days of summer just as they were intended – with your dog, of course! Isn’t that just the ultimate dream? Uninterrupted days hanging out in the sun with your bestie! Hot and bothered and stuck for ideas of what to do with your number one? 

Water, water, everywhere! 

Drinking it, playing in it, wearing a collar inspired by it!

Let your pup play in the water! Head to the beach! Your bestie will tire themselves out surfing the waves and meeting other puppers!  If you are not near the sea your garden can be turned into an adventure playground for your bestie! Don’t have a swimming pool? No problemo! Hit the store and grab a cheap kiddie paddling pool (they aren’t just for kids you know!) we promise your pooch will love taking a dip! Throw in some tennis balls or their fave toy and voila! Like a vacay in your own backyard. For a super easy fix, a good old garden hose will do the trick!

Cool down in the shade:

Walkies in the sunshine never felt so good!

Early riser? Does your pooch wake you up at the crack of dawn? Yawn! Us too! Use this as the perfect excuse for morning pre-sun walkies and head out before the sun comes up! If you like to snooze, after the sun has started to go down is the perfect time to take long, adventurous walks through your neighborhood, sniffing out new finds! It’s the perfect time to take long, adventurous walks through your neighborhood, sniffing out new finds! If you live somewhere rural, why not go for a hike through the woods, where the leaves will protect you both!

Stay indoors:

Dress to keep cool! Summer dress in is light and summery!

Have a TV Marathon! Ok, so this is cheating just a little bit, as it’s drawing the blinds and completely avoiding the sunshine altogether. If it’s too hot, or when the sun completely sets, there is nothing quite like a movie marathon indoors with your pup and kitty! Throw a big pile of pillows in front of the TV, plan an animal-led billing (The Lion King, Homeward Bound, The Secret of NIMH, National Velvet…) and dive into a bowl of animal crackers for you and some crunchy carrot bites for them. It’s tiring being the ultimate bestie, but someone’s got to do it!

Is summer just the best or what? Whether you are fighting to stay cool outside or beating the heat indoors, you and your best friend can always do it together. 💕