Noni & Miles Jacob

Handsome, energetic, & lovable

Our latest pet crush: Miles Jacob & Noni

Social media fame:

Instagram: @iheartmiles

Facebook: Miles The Husky

The story: Love at first sight? When we saw him at 16 weeks old we knew he was the one!

Nicknames: Me-Less

Breed: Husky

Colour of fur: Black, white and gray

Describe Miles in 3 words.. Handsome, loving, social

Dog’s favourite trick? Enjoys sitting on chairs.

Dog’s main personality traits?  Miles is very vocal, energetic and has a great temperament.

Does Miles have any hobbies? He loves the beach and being at the dog park.

Describe your dog’s typical day... Miles likes going for a run and playing with his older brother Frisco.

Miles makes me smile when … he greets me when I come home.

My dog is my best friend because… he loves me unconditionally