Penny & the girls

We talk cuddles, being pampered and acting like a real teddy bear.

Our latest pet crush:  Penny and the girls/human sisters

Social Media Fame:

Instagram: @penny_poodle


The story: love at first sight? (Tell us when your friendship started!)

Our friendship began with Penny shortly after she took her flight from Taiwan to the United States. We picked her up from the Rescue 2 days after she made her U.S. debut. It was love at first sight! She stared at me (her mom) the whole 2 hour drive home. She sleeps in bed with the family like she is a real teddy bear! It’s as if our family was complete when she arrived!

Nicknames: PenPen, fluffy butt

Breed: Poodle

Colour of fur: Red

Describe penny in 3 words.. Silly, Cuddly, loveable

Dog’s favourite trick? Walking on her hind legs like a human!

Tell us a quirky story about your pup: Penny loves to be brushed! If she hears the sound of her brush’s bristles or sees it in your hand, she will come running, jump into your lap and assume her pampering position!

What’s the cutest thing your dog does / has ever done?   She loves being held like a baby! If you pick her up, she leans back as far as she can so she is on her back and you are holding her like a baby!

Dog’s main personality traits? Friendly, easy going, and happy!

Penny’s favourite hobbies?   Dressing up for photoshoots, going bye bye and for walks, being brushed, playing with but not retrieving the ball, following her mama.

Describe your dog’s typical day.. Penny is always the first one up. She jumps up on the bed with the “zoomies” barks and jumps up and down and runs for the door. After we let her out and she runs into the house, she licks her emtpy bowl, cleaning any crumbs left from last night’s dinner. It’s her not so subtle hint that she is ready for breakfast! She snuggles on the couch with her mom and sisters for a bit before it’s time to take the girls to preschool. She always hopes she gets to come too! Usually she does! When we get home, she goes for a walk or a hike or, if it’s a great day.. to the dog park!

Finish this sentence. My Dogs makes me smile when … Anytime I pick up my camera, she gets so excited because she thinks we are doing a photoshoot with her as the model. She gets a lot of yummy treats when she is in the photo! She is so funny and silly!

My dog is my best friend because…. She always keeps my secrets!