Jade & Squirt


🀍 How did Squirt find his way to you?

Squirt came to me as a crusty, sickly five-day-old foster kitten. After nursing him back to health, I realized I couldn't let him go. He became a great foster uncle to all of my foster kittens!

🀍 Tell us about his personality! 

Squirt is the cat version of Kramer (from Seinfeld). He will run into a room, skid to a stop, and look around like a crazy person. He's weird, sassy, and cuddly. He hates being punished or fussed at (removed from counters, removed from his sister’s food bowl, fussed at for attacking his sister, etc). He will attack our feet IMMEDIATELY!Β  It's hilarious. He is an absolute klutz, and it's the best thing ever.

🀍 Does he have any adorable quirk that makes you smile?

His Kramer room entrances are hilarious. He also sits very abruptly, and it makes me laugh so hard. And he's SUCH a klutz. How can a cat be a klutz?!

🀍 Is there anything Squirt is scared of? 

Squirt isn't really scared of anything. He's not a fan of super loud noises or large groups of people, but he'll hang out in his backpack and watch them!

🀍 Has he pooped or peed anywhere he shouldn't have? 

NEVER! (thank goodness and what a blessing!)

🀍 How does he try to catch your attention?

He attacks (gentle-ish) feet and will come right up in your face and breath on you.

🀍 Which body part is he most unhappy to be touched?

Shocker - his belly. He's not a huge fan. And if there's a brush in your hand, it doesn't matter where - he HATES the brush.

🀍 Has he ever sneaked out of the house?

No thank goodness!!!

🀍 Can you share some tips for those wanting to get a cat? 

Cats are easier to manage as two adopted together. They entertain each other and have a playmate to share life with.Β  If you already have a cat, there's an introduction process that's easy to google (how to introduce a new cat) and it's worth the sometimes long process.Β  Lastly, I STRONGLY encourage shelter adoptions.Β  The unwanted cats can often love you the most.

🀍 What is the best thing about having Squirt?

He has so much personality and is so enjoyable to take on hikes and little adventures.Β  I love watching him as he absorbs his surroundings and looking at people, smelling the air, all of that. He's SO curious.