Lisa & Spike


🀍 How did you meet your bff Spike?

I really wanted a dog. My father saw a post about 4 puppies on Facebook. Before visiting them, we chose one of Spike's sisters, a white dog. But when I saw them in person, everything changed. Spike's sisters were very friendly and happy to see us, Spike was the only one that ignored me. He was very shy and scared, and I really don't know why but I said, "I want him". That was the best decision ever. My grandfather then decided to bring home one of his sisters and called her Diana.

🀍 Describe his personality!

Spike is very friendly. He loves all animals, we have 6 cats and a bunny and he loves playing with them. He's scared of a lot of things for example lights, noises, storms, fireworks. Sometimes he seems like a person and not a dog and he listens to everything I say. He's very jealous, he gets bored soon, he loves hugs, he wants all the attention, and he always wants to play.

🀍What is Spike's favorite trick?

Spike doesn't know many tricks, but he loves giving his paw.

🀍 What is the naughtiest thing he has done?

When he was a puppy he ran away from home with her sister Diana.

🀍 Can you share some tips when choosing a dog?

If you want a dog don't choose by breed, eyes color, or look. He has to be your best friend, not an object to be exhibited. Just look them in the eyes, when you find the perfect dog for you, you'll feel it.

🀍 How has your bestie handled the current situation in Italy?

Here in Italy, there's a very difficult situation right now. Fortunately Spike is happy and not stressed at all because he's never alone now. We play much more and stay together every hour.

🀍 What do you do to keep him well exercised?

We play ball everyday. He also plays in the garden with her sister Diana every morning.

🀍 Do you have any tips for keeping him entertained when he can't go out as much?

The only thing I do is to give him a lot of attention. We play, we cuddle, we watch Netflix together. He has a lot of toys and furiends at home (6 cats, a bunny and his sister) so he can do a lot of things.

🀍 Has your pup found the sudden changes difficult?

Fortunately not.

🀍 How have you helped him adapt? Any advice for other moms?

If you can't go out because of corona virus, you can still play indoors. We play ball everyday. There are a lot of things you can do at home. Dogs don't need much to have fun.

🀍 Has your bestie made it easier for you to cope?

Definitely! I really don't know what I'd do without him. He always wants to stay with me. He keeps me motivated.

🀍 How has your life changed since you met your bestie?

I don't have friends and I was depressed before having Spike. I didn't have anything to do and anybody to spend time with. People are very bad sometimes and I only trust dogs. He loves me even if I'm not perfect. He just loves me and he doesn't care about my weight, my look, and other stupid things. Maybe it's only because of him that I'm still here.