Jakub & Lilly


♡ How old is your pooch?

Lilly is 3 years old

♡ Can you tell us a bit about life with Lilly?

A house is not a home without a Shar pei! Lilly puts a smile on my face every day, I spend a lot of time with her - walking, running, trips out of town, Lilly is full of energy and thanks to Lilly, my life is more active. She loves to pose for pictures and video!

♡ Lilly is famous! Can you tell us how this happened?

Everyone who saw Lilly while we were out walking used to tell me what a beautiful dog she is, and that she should be on television commercials. So one day I sent pictures of Lilly to a film agency and we were invited to do some recording, then many companies have since started to write to me and ask about including Lilly in their work!

♡ What is Lilly's favorite thing to do?

Lilly loves to run on the beach and eat yogurt and bananas

♡ What is life like with your BFF?

I love my dog so much, I feel like Lilly is not like a dog it's hard to explain but I feel that she is a human in the body of a dog! When I am walking people often stop to talk and take pictures of her. I am so proud to be the owner of a shar pei!