Celebripups: An Inside Look at Celebrities’ Pampered Pooches

We know ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ is a thing of the past – a girl’s true best friend is her dog! Dog besties are living in a real golden age of charmed lives, and none more so than the lucky pups of our fave celebrities.


Lola Bell

Kristen Bell has been very vocal about how she always has and always will love her dogs like they’re her human children. Lola won the doggo lotto when Kristen chose to adopt her from a shelter and pamper her forever. She is a family member, not an accessory, and certainly enjoys the perks of being a part of the Bell household. She and her doggy siblings enjoy extensive snuggle sessions, playtime with the human children, and sharing the goodwill spotlight to raise awareness for fellow shelter pups. Talk about paws for a cause!


Guy Markle

This little Beagle is truly living his best life. From humble beginnings in a shelter to being adopted by his loving mama, Meghan, to now living as a future royal canine once his mama and Prince Harry wed, we’re all a little jealous! Until Meghan’s social media blackout this week, he made regular appearances on her Instagram and appeared to always have a warm and soft spot to curl up in. He has constantly been referred to as her “love,” so we think he might even one up her royal fiancé in the affection hierarchy. Sadly, he recently suffered leg fractures, but is receiving the absolute best veterinary treatment and is on the mend.



Joining Zendaya’s fold Christmas Eve 2015, Noon has practically grown up on camera. Zendaya regularly refers to him as her “son” and has made it quite clear they are inseparable. The little scamp even flies with his mama in private planes all over! And in true celebrity form, regular old tap water is just not good enough: instead, he laps up fresh bottled Fiji water from his own bowl and retires to his own personal velvet couch. Color us a little jealous!


Tina Biel

Tina’s mom, Jessica Biel, certainly has her own level of fame, and she’s been generous enough to pass on that fame bug to her pup! Jessica runs #TuesdayswithTina off and on again on her Instagram and showcases the lovely lady’s normal routine. She’s got us totally jealous of her mastery of puppy yoga, her personalized portraits, and her jet-setting travels.


Lexi & Harley Hough

These Cavalier cuties are no stranger to lighting up an Instagram feed and always have sleek and shiny #hairgoals down pat! Both pups were rescues and enjoy regular hikes, coffee dates, cuddle sessions, and conversations with their mama (they might do more listening than talking.)


Asia Gaga

French Bulldogs pretty much have an amazing life just by virtue of their cute lil squishy faces, but Lady Gaga’s pup outdoes them all. With her own (verified even!) social media accounts, photo shoots, magazine covers, and ads, this dog is the hardest working pup in showbiz!  She dines al fresco, dons designer duds, and keeps her mama company everywhere.


Porky Basquiat Turner

As if being a mini stunner wasn’t enough, this baby has the distinction of being the newest direwolf to join Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ pack. Porky boasts almost 76k followers on Instagram and is a young but seasoned world traveler. This sweetie joins sister, Zunni (famous for her role as “Lady,” Sansa’s direwolf on Game of Thrones) in running through gorgeous fields, listening to dad’s jam sessions, and being loved on by mama.


Gary Fisher

Boasting his own Twitter and Instagram, Gary is a true hero and inspiration. As the late, great Carrie Fisher’s service dog, he played a most important role in providing his mama with emotional stability and lots of love. A celebrity in his own right, he’s made the talk show circuits, dined at The Ritz, and walked many a red carpet. He is even immortalized as an alien for the briefest of moments in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. His mom’s best friend and constant companion, their bond remains even after her passing. It is reported he recognized her voice in the newest Star Wars film and perked up every time. Sob! Lucky for him, he is living with and being much loved by Carrie Fisher’s friend and former assistant and continues to shine on social media.