Liz & Sadie


Social Media Fame: Instagram: @sadietripawd

The Story: Love at first sight?

Sadie was the size of a Coke can when we first got her. She was the sweetest, most loving pup I have ever had since day one. After we got Sadie, I never felt as lonely when my husband was gone with the Army. Sadie is and will always be our first ‘baby.’

Nickname: “Saders

Breed: Chihuahua

Colour of Fur: Tri Color (black, tan, white)

Describe Sadie in 3 words: Happy, Inspirational, Strong

My Dog is the best because… She never let her injuries prevent her from living a full life. She does not let her it stop her from doing anything a four legged pup can do.

Dog’s Favourite trick? Wave!

Tell us a quirky/Funny Story about your Dog?

One day, while riding the 4wheeler, I had barely left the driveway when I happened to look back and see Sadie chasing me down the road. I never knew Sadie loves to ride 4wheelers until that day. Now if anyone gets on the 4wheeler, they better have her along for the ride or she will chase them until they let her on!

What’s the cutest thing your Dog does / has ever done?

Sadie puts her face up to yours to get a kiss! J She will turn her face so that you can kiss both sides of her face!

Sadie’s Main personality trait? Happy!

Sadie’s Favourite Hobby? Eating! She can eat until she pops.

Describe your dog’s typical day… Sadie wakes up and immediately begins running and dancing until we feed her. If we are home with her, the rest of her day is going wherever we go and always wanting to be held or snuggled. At around 4:30 Sadie will jump around and stand on your chest looking at you to remind you it is time for dinner. Around 6:30 she will try to trick the other person in the house (who didn’t feed her) that she wasn’t fed so she can get fed again… this has worked quite a few times! We’ve finally caught on to her trickery though… I think. By around 9pm, Sadie is ready to go to bed before we are!

My Dog makes me smile when she acts like it’s Christmas every time I get home and walk through the door.