Jennifer & Magni


❤ Tell us about your horse!

My Horses name is Magni vom Reiherwinkel, which is German for "of the Reiherwinkel" - title. He is an Icelandic horse and will turn 9 on the 5th of May. I started to train him in Horse Agility, but now he is a total all-arounder.

❤ How did you meet your horse?

When I was 11 or 12 years old, I made a bet with my dad - he agreed to pay all costs in regard to my horse if I would catch up on a certain GPA in middle school. 

Obviously I beat him. Then I needed to think about which horse I would like to get. The first time I imagined having my own horse, I was thinking of a Frisian one but these kinds would have been too large for our stable because of its height. Therefore I also could not get a "real" jumping horse. When I first read about Horse Agility, I decided to get a Shetty which was, on the other hand, too small for my parents - they said that I should rather get a horse on which I can ride from time to time if I wanted. My mother had an Icelandic horse already because of which she has booked a trip to a horse camp with a training course for Icelandic horses and their riders. When the owners heard that we were looking for another horse, they showed us a few of their already trained horses which I did not feel a special connection with.

However, because my parents encouraged me to, I visited their stable twice more. Before I went for the second time, I had a talk with my parents who allowed me to get a young horse due to my own experience - they said I would be able to train one myself with another horse trainer. When we went out to have a look at their younger horses, I picked two horses I liked and they brought a third one which we took back to the stable (Dimmi, Scurri, and Magni). They introduced each horse to me and I really liked Dimmi back then, although my parents said he was too young with his two years as my first own horse. Therefore Scurri and Magni were left. Scurri was a beautiful looking horse but nothing else - his character seemed not calm enough for me. Magni, however, was a warm-hearted, kind and calm horse. I took myself some time to make the final decision. During the process, I absolutely fell in love with Magni and ever since he is my favorite horse.

❤ How long have you and your horse been together?

I met him in September 2014 and owned him since the same year's Christmas - in total that would be a time period of 5 years. 

❤ What has been the biggest obstacle that you have conquered together?

Since March of the year of 2015 brought the first snow we would ever get to experience together like a horse and new owner, I decided to take Magni out for a walk. I asked a friend to come with us and take some photos of that special moment. Then it happened - we do not know the reason for Magni‘s reaction until this day but suddenly he went crazily scared and took a few uncontrolled steps forward. I did not let go of his rope so he pulled me with him. I slipped between the horse‘s legs and the next thing I can remember was the pain I felt due to the kick right in between my face. I was heavily bleeding and could not feel my nose anymore which is why I got transported on the fastest way into the hospital.

It turned out that my nose was fully broken and that I had a heavy concussion. I needed to stay in the hospital for quite a while and after surgery, I noticed that I could not remember anything that happened in the past three years of my life. However, the incident never influenced the special relationship with my horse - Magni and I learned that snowy day that small and slow steps would lead to better success in the end than big ones. 

❤ Tell us about the most random experience you've had with your horse!

Although I promised myself to never teach my horse how to rear, now he can do that. After he started to do that anytime in front of the hanger, I tried to teach him to rear on command since I heard from others that their horses have stopped rearing once they have learned how to do that on purpose - the same happened with Magni. I am very proud of him being able to do that trick now anytime I want it.

❤ Does your horse have any quirks?

Anytime I spend time with other horses, Magni gets very jealous of it. 

❤ What is your favorite trait about your horse?

He learns really fast, is always calm and handles all kinds of people very well - even children.

❤ What is the most annoying thing that Magni does?

It feels like Magni always greeds for food. The person I share my horse with uses treats to feed him during the training so Magni expects me to do the same.

❤ What about your horse are you most proud of?

Besides how well we handled the situation after our accident, I am very proud of Magni's always calm and chilled character - he is super careful about everything as soon as he has a rider on his back, no matter how excited or experienced they are.

❤ Can you share a funny story about your horse?

When I started riding Magni, he always went backward instead of forwards - it took me quite some time to teach him that he has always been moving his rider in the false direction. 

❤ Do you have any big plans for the future for you and your horse?

I hope to maintain a lovely relationship with Magni until the very end and share a lot of great experiences together until then.

❤ Have you traveled with your horse? How does your horse like it?

One time, we made a trip to Börgerende, a small place right at the Baltic Sea in Eastern Germany which is 252 km away from home. Magni has never been in a hanger for that long but handled the situation very professionally, although he was a bit sweaty when he left it. As soon as we started our holidays together, he fell back into his usual and calm mindset and we had a very special moment when Magni enjoyed his first swim in the sea.

❤ What is the silliest thing your horse spooks at?

There is nothing that Magni specifically spooks at unless I spook at something - He instantly recognizes that and spooks too.

❤ What does your horses' day-to-day look like?

  1. Sleep
  2. Hay-breakfast by the stable owner 
  3. Either myself, the person I share the horse with or sometimes even the both of us pay Magni a visit
  4. Warm-up and training (either Agility on the ground or usual riding)
  5. Mineral-lunch
  6. Free time outside
  7. Hay-dinner
  8. Rest

❤ What is the next adventure you want to do with your horse?

As soon as I return home from my one year as AuPair in the United States, I plan to travel all around Germany with my horse.

❤ Extra Fun Facts:

Sometimes Magni‘s mane looks like the end of a broom from above. The above-mentioned horse Dimmi, who was too young at first, I now also call mine. 💕