Maria & Bowie


❤️ Can you share your rescue story with us?

We used to have a black cat named Louis, but he ran away a few years ago and got hit by a car. After that, we wanted a cat but didn't feel ready. My husband and I used to travel a lot and thought that it wasn't the moment yet. A week after our wedding last year, my sister Julia saw Bowie's photo on a Facebook post from a vet clinic. They said that he was abandoned in a park nearby, and they couldn't keep it much longer. I fell in love. It was the best wedding gift ever. He was only three months old, more or less. He was the cutest thing, very curious and playful. He bit a lot and didn't stay still for a minute. We thought he was going to destroy all the furniture! But we discovered that he was very trainable and I can tell you my sofa is still as good as new. 

❤️ Describe Bowie’s personality?

He’s a very curious cat. I won’t say he’s smart because he keeps doing silly things when he knows it won’t end well for him. He loves to go outside (always wearing a cat tracker, so he doesn’t get lost) and climbing trees that he can’t climb down, so he always has to be rescued! One time, he climbed a very high tree. My husband had to climb it to catch him. Bowie tried to climb it back the day after that. But he’s very obedient, loves treats and as I said he’s very trainable. Another thing is that he has abandonment issues, so he can’t stay alone a lot of time, even when accompanied by other cats. You won’t believe his face when you have to leave for work. It always breaks my heart, but I think we are working on it and making some progress. What can I tell you? He’s a mama's boy who nurses every night on my blanket before going to sleep, and you can’t avoid falling in love with him.

❤️ Can you tell us a bit more about having a cat with heterochromia?

I get approached a lot by heterochromia cat owners asking if he's deaf. Deafness is common among white cats with heterochromia. This is because the white gene can occasionally cause the degradation of the part of the inner ear involved in hearing, aside from causing the change of colour of one or both eyes. Luckily, Bowie is not deaf or blind. He just chooses not to listen!

❤️ Things to prepare when bringing a cat home!

You have to be prepared for everything! Cats can have different personalities, so you never know what to expect. In any case, you will need to remove all dangerous objects. Chemicals and some plants are poisonous to cats. They love food, treats, and a water fountain. A scratching post is a must. Train your cat to use it if you really like your sofa. A blanket only for your cat, so it knows its place to rest. A blanket is also useful when switching houses. It always makes them feel like home. It is also a good carrier. With Bowie, I use a backpack. He's so heavy I couldn't carry him with just one hand. Of course a good litter tray, and litter that adapts to your house, and your cat preferences. And a lot of toys!

❤️ What’s the naughtiest thing he has done?

He really loves to make his toys wet in his water bowl, and then play around with them. He's so messy!

❤️  Is there anything he is afraid of or tries to avoid?

As a good cat, he's afraid of dogs, vacuum cleaners, and cucumbers!

❤️ How does he try to get your attention?

He's so long that when I'm working on my computer, he stretches and tries to touch the laptop. That is his way of telling me to pick him up.

❤️ Where does he sleep?

He sleeps with us in our bed during the night. But he also loves to sleep on the sofa, on the floor, on the chair. Ok, he sleeps a lot!

❤️ Any top tips for being the best kitty cat mom?

When you get a cat or a dog, you want them to keep you company, but you have to understand that they have their own personalities, likes, and dislikes. Maybe they don't want to cuddle when you want to, for example. People might think that I force Bowie to take so many pictures of him. I only do so when I see he's comfortable, and he always gets treats, so he really likes it! Understanding the needs of your cat can be tricky, but it's the best way to have a good relationship.

❤️ What’s the best thing about having Bowie?

I get so many messages telling me how beautiful he is. He's even more beautiful in person, but I don't just see that. He has an amazing and strong personality. When he plays, he's the funniest thing ever. When we are alone, and we cuddle, he makes us feel we are the luckiest cat parents ever. And that's what makes Bowie special, he makes YOU feel special.