Jillian Lee & Cali Mae

Best friends: Jillian Lee and Cali Mae

♡ How old is your pooch?

Cali Mae is a 5 year old black lab whom I have had her since she was 8 weeks old.

♡ Can you tell me a bit more about your pooch?

Cali grew up being a barn dog and she genuinely enjoys spending her afternoons at the barn with the horses and other dog friends.

♡ What is her favorite thing to do?

She loves to play fetch, its almost as if you can't throw the ball enough for her. The water is her playground, she will swim no matter how cold it is.

♡ What is a typical day like for you both?

Cali is a gentle girl, I am a nurse and she comes to work with me some days as pet therapy for my clients. She has been the greatest dog to me and I strongly believe she is a once in a lifetime dog!

♡ What is the sweetest thing about your pooch?

Cali Mae is always ready play but when play time is over she is the first to hop on the couch after a long day to relax. Cali is my best friend, and this pretty girl has a special place in my heart.