Ashleigh, Tucker, & Charlie

Besties: Ashleigh, Tucker and Charlie.

♡ How old are your two?

Tucker is 5 and Charlie is 6.

♡ What is life like with Golden Retrievers?

So much fun! They’re so silly. They’re both so bonded to me. We have eyes on each other at all times. There are lots of tennis balls involved! And brushing / shedding lol! They're always up for whatever it is that I want to do. Walk, hike, swim, nap, lay on the couch. They're happy as long as we’re together.

♡ When did you get your dogs?

Tucker was from a reputable breeder at 8 weeks old (July 2011) and Charlie is a shelter rescue from March 2016.

♡ Can you tell us about their personalities? What is the silliest cutest thing they have ever done?

They’re SO different from each other. Tucker is majestic, regal, and so expressive. Charlie is the goofiest happy girl who is always wagging (even when she doesn't know why). The silliest thing Tucker’s ever done is figure out he could fit multiple tennis balls in his mouth at the same time and the look of shock on his face. He also sits like a person on the couch and holds your hand the entire time. Charlie loves bobbing for tennis balls in the pool without actually jumping in to get them if she can.. she also loves parading around the house with socks or dish cloths, whatever she can find and show off, she will.

♡ What is their fave past time? Beach side or hiking? Can you tell us any stories or about their LA-Lifestyle and adventures?

It's a tough call to decide between beach and hiking. I would say Tucker prefers beach and Charlie prefers hikes. Tucker digs and rolls in the sand non stop at the beach and Charlie stays pretty focused on her tennis balls. I love taking them to Griffith Park / The Observatory in downtown Los Angeles and taking in the city views as well as the hiking trails. We saw a deer last time and they were both mind blown. They also both adore going to our families house in palm springs and swimming in the pool.

♡ Do they always get along?

They do. They’re not a “bonded par” though. They were both only dogs until they were 5 years old so they do play a good amount (wrestling etc) and get along just fine but they're both extremely bonded to me, vs each other. Which can make things difficult sometimes as I only have two hands, lol.

♡ Do they love to pose?

Tucker has always been a natural. He will climb up things, sit on benches or chairs, and just stare at the camera. He adores it. It took Charlie a few weeks to get used to it but I don’t think she’ll ever have his passion for modeling.

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

It's a wonderful way to show how much we all love each other! I’m not married and have no human kids so my furbabies mean the world to me. My life revolves around them and its an adorable way to express that!

♡ What do you do to make your fur-babies feel loved?

Lots of pets and cuddles and tennis balls and treats! Those things are probably their days in a nutshell. We do everything together.

Life with my Goldens is…. fulfilling. I can’t imagine a day without them now. They make my world complete.