Kate & Marlowe


♥ How long have you been friends with Marlowe?

We have been friends for 4 years, 3 months and 14 days.

♥ Can you tell us a story about the day you first met?

The day we first met, she was just a tiny little babe, not even 8 weeks old, and she was too young to bring home. Truth be told, I originally picked out one of her sisters as my future baby! But when I returned a week later to pick her up, something told me that I needed to switch. I often wonder what happened to the other pup, but I know she went to another loving family. And Roo and I were truly meant to be. It was around Easter, so I brought her an Easter basket filled with goodies, and her nickname has always been “Bunny Roo” or “Bun” and “Roo” seems to have stuck!

♥ Do you go on adventures together?

We are totally partners in crime. Marlowe and I love to go on hikes, swim, and she really loves when I take her out for brunch in the city. She can hang in the country just as easily as she can in the city. She is no stranger to long road trips, and in fact, she and I are usually in the backseat so that she can be safely harnessed, while also sitting on my lap. She insists. We have a pool, and she lives for swimming. I literally have to bribe her with treats at the end of the day to come inside. She swims so much, that last summer she got “swimmers tail” from swimming too much!

♥ Can you let us know what is she like at home?

Marlowe LOVES to talk, especially to tell me it’s time for breakfast, snack and dinner. She “Roos” which sounds exactly like you would think. I often sing to her – she has countless tunes and ditty’s that all feature her.

♥ What is your favorite activity with Roo?

Anything and everything. If I were to ask her, it would be when I feed her. But we love to snuggle. Every single morning she comes up to my face, just as the sun is coming up, and kisses me so I move over. She then assumes the position of little spoon, and we fall back asleep together.

♥ Can you share an event that you can’t forget that involves your pooch?

Pretty much every aspect of my life involves Marlowe, especially since I work from home. But the first time I took her to the beach was pretty unforgettable. She had a blast in the surf, running after waves, trying to bite the foam and rolling all around. She dug a gigantic hole like it was her job. And she ate sand!

♥ Any advice you can give as an interior designer?

Your home should be comfortable for and reflect those who live in it. For me, that means having a couch that can be cleaned, so that Marlowe is free to be on it. Also, having fresh flowers makes a HUGE difference in the look of your home, and will instantly make you feel like it is more polished.

♥ I want to match with my dog because…

She has better taste than me, and I want everyone to know we are together.

♥ Describe your bff in 3 words:

Hysterical, kind, loyal.

♥ Life with Roo is….

Truly a dream come true. I grew up with golden retrievers, and as an only child, they were more sisters than pets. I always dreamed of having my own one day, and Marlowe has surpassed any and all of my expectations. I have anxiety, and she has been lifesaving for me in helping me with that.

♥ Lastly, can you finish this sentence:

Marlowe is my best friend because… she completes me, each day with her is a gift and I feel so incredibly lucky that she chose me to be her mom.