Life of Kip and Bestie Jenna


❤️ Tell us about your bestie's age, and breed? And how did she find her way to you?

Kip is a 10 month old tabby/calico kitten! We also believe she is part bengal! I saw a women post that she had kittens for sale, she no longer wanted them and I instantly fell in love with Kip’s photo and knew I needed her! She was covered in fleas and wasn’t getting proper care or nutrition, but now she’s living her best life! 

❤️ How did you come up with your bestie's name?

I just thought of the name Kip, and I started calling her it for a couple days and it just stuck! It fits her perfectly!

❤️ What is her personality like?

Kip is veryyy playful! She has 3 big sister kittys who she loves to play and cuddle with! Kip is a mammas girl for sure. As soon as I walk in the door she is meowing and purring. She’s the bestest girl!

❤️ What do you love most about her character?

She’s super funny. It’s like she’s an actor! Ahha! She definitely knows how to make people laugh and smile. I love that about her. She’s also very smart and knows tricks!

❤️ What’s the most annoying thing she does?

The most annoying thing Kip does is paw her kibble out of her bowl and toss it around like a toy lol. She eats it after a while, but half of it ends up under something she can’t get to😂

❤️ Can you share a funny story about your cat?

Kip is always so silly while she plays. It’s so funny to watch! One day she was throwing her toy mouse up in the air, pretty much playing with herself because nobody was around. She was flipping in the air and all!

❤️ What is the naughtiest thing she has ever done?

Purposely knocking a drink over lol.

❤️ How does she cheer you up when you’re sad?

Just seeing Kip makes me smile. She always knows if I’m sad or something isn’t right. She will run up to me purring and will just plop right into my lap.

❤️ Does she have a weird habit?

She bites her back nails to cut them down when they are too sharp. 

❤️ How does she show her affection?

Purrs, meows, sits on people's laps, she’s a very loving and outgoing kitty! 

❤️ What are your top tips for cat pawrents on helping their cats live a happy, healthy life? 

If you have a feeling something isn’t right, take action. Second, do research on food options. Lastly, water fountains stimulate cats to drink more water, bowls don’t, get a fountain!

❤️ What is your advice for someone who wants to own a cat?

Some people think because they have a full time job, all week they can’t care for a cat. Cats will bring you SO much joy. They aren’t easy, but they don’tneed you ALL day, as long as you come home, they are happy! My advice is to do what you think is best for your pet!

❤️ What is the most challenging thing about being a fur mom?

The fact that they can’t tell you what’s wrong. Kip was recently sick and I wish she could just tell me what was wrong or what hurt. (She’s so much better now!)

❤️ Do you have any advice for other cat owners or future cat owners? 

When you have a cat, your gonna wanna get them a friend, DO IT😂!

❤️ What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was introducing Kip to my other cats. It was hard and they HATED her.  Slowly but surely they became best friends and they are all  inseparable!!!

❤️ What makes your cat super pawesome?

She’s super unique! She has both stripes and dots, along with orange, brown, tan and grey fur colors! 

❤️ How has your life changed when you met your Kip?

Kip has helped my mental health a ton. It’s like she knows when I need her the most. 

❤️ Complete the sentence. Life with Kip  is…

THE BEST! I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Get the look!

Kip is wearing the MERMAID TAILS - CAT COLLAR