Besties: Julia, Sid & Nancy


❤ How did you meet your besties Sid and Nancy....

We got both doggies when they were puppies, when they were 8 weeks old.
We first met Sid when he was just 4 weeks old when we went to visit the breeder. We were joking that we were being fobbed off with a mole, because he was so tiny and looked like one, haha!

How did you come up with your bestie's name....

My husband and I agreed that we like old school human names for dogs. Before we got Sidney we made a shortlist of names, a bit like people do when they’re having a baby (he IS our baby, right?!) and Sidney was the name we both liked the most. When we decided to get a 2nd dachshund, a female, we couldn’t resist but calling her Nancy - some of you may be familiar with the famous punk couple from the 70s ‘Sid and Nancy’. 

How old are your besties…

Sid will be 4 in June and Nancy turned 1 in December.

How does Nancy cheer you up when you’re sad?

Nancy has a real girlie girl personality. Full of feeling but full of sass. Whenever I am feeling sad she cottons on to it and gives me the most loving cuddles. She’s genuinely one of the most loving and cuddly dogs I have ever met - but she’s only like that with us, she dislikes most other humans!

What does Sid do that always makes you smile?

Where do I start? Both of us always make us laugh and smile to be honest. The top things that Sid does have got to be his howling, he does love a sing-song. And demanding belly rubs. Sometimes he’ll just flop onto his back and shows you his belly until you’ve given it a good rub.

❤ Can you describe your bestie's personality in 3 words....

Sidney: suave, poser, gentleman
Nancy: sassy, loud, loving

What is the naughtiest thing your besties have ever done....

Sidney was a real good boy when it came to food until Nancy came along. He would never get too close to our food or try and steal any. When we first got Nancy, she had zero manners and she lunged at any food in sight. Sid’s reaction was priceless: as if he thought “wow, what is she doing?! Can you do that?!” Nancy soon grasped the ‘stay’ command and learned some manners but ever since Sid is a lot cheekier with food and tries to help himself whenever human food is in reach!

❤ What's your favourite thing you do together?....

We love going on long hikes, walks and pawlidays together.

Has your besties always been the pawfect model?

Puppies constantly move and wriggle but once they grasped that they’ll get paid in treatos when they model they nail posing perfectly well. They can be distractible when posing outdoors, but they are very good at it.

❤ How do you get him to pose for that pawfect pic?

High value treats are a must! Anything they can smell ideally, like JR Pet Products pate which is soft and meaty. Or a toy they love.

❤ Have you taken Sid & Nancy on a vacation? Tell us about it!

We’ve been on numerous holidays with them. We haven’t actually been on holiday without them at all since we got the pups due to COVID, so they were lucky enough to join us on plenty of UK holidays. We’ve been to Cornwall (twice), The Lake District, Northumberland, Norfolk, Wales and others :)

❤ What is the most challenging thing about being a fur mom?

Sid’s separation anxiety. We are currently working on it. To be honest, the pups come everywhere with us so they rarely ever need to be left at home anyway and usually one of us works from home in the week - and if not, they go to doggy day care. We attempted training Sid leaving him many times since puppy age but he freaks out every time. Nancy on the other had had zero separation training and she’s not bothered about it at all. It just goes to show that dogs are all different and not all training methods work with all dogs. We recently tried a new method and we are making progress so I am hopeful.

❤ Can you share a funny story about your dog?....

We were on a dachshund walk once and Sid was running around off lead with the other dogs. He was suddenly startled by a little boy having a wee behind a tree with their parent. Sid started barking at him and the little boy started crying, still with no clothes on from the waist down. At the time it was extremely embarrassing but in hindsight a hilarious story.

❤ And the best thing about having your Sid and Nancy is....

Their companionship and their hilarious personalities. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without them. You can’t be sad for long with them around.

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