Lilo & Thi

Our latest pet crush: Lilo & Thi

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What is life with Lilo like?

Life with Lilo is very rewarding! Before Lilo (our first dog), life was dreary and gray. After we got her, our family grew closer, and we were more willing to go out of our comfort zones to search for daily adventures! Having her definitely enriched out lives.

Can you describe Lilo's personality?

Lilo has a crazy eccentric personality! Life with her everyday is interesting and fun. We go on lots of adventures together and there isn't much that can separate us.

Where is the best place that she hangs out in the house?

She hangs out in my room of course! She has a big, soft, comfy bed, and her favorite kitty pals are always in attendance.

Lilo has a sister, what is their relationship like?

Lilo and Infinity are typical sisters in a love-hate relationship. They can't live with each other, but can't live without either!

Do you take Lilo with you on your vacations? Where is the most memorable one?

Lilo goes on all our family vacations! Our most memorable one is the first time we went to Lake Tahoe. It was snowy and it was wonderful to see her finally in her element.

Does Lilo have a favorite trick?

Lilo's favorite (and most unique) trick is "Penguin" where she goes from a standing position, spins, and sits right in between your legs. We call it penguin because that is where penguins usually balance their precious eggs!

What's Lilo and her sister's favorite food?

Their favorite snack has to be the ones they can't have! Human foods. Yum!

Having more than one dog, can you describe dinner time? 

Dinner time is strangely very calm. Everyone sticks to their own bowls and once they are finished, they just keep to themselves until everyone is done.

Can you tell us a funny story about Lilo or something we would never know!

Lilo used to be the worst behaved puppy! She was extremely smart and excelled in puppy classes, but she was never "enriched" enough. So we became better versions of ourselves in an effort to support her in what she needed. We took up urban mushing and agility as forms of daily exercise, we attended advanced training 3-4 times a week (on top of being a full time student, and part time work), and worked tirelessly in everyday training, exposure, and adventures. It was a huge accomplishment when she passed her CGC test at 7 months old. It's funny because, looking back on her first year, she went from the craziest pup in the world, to one of the best behaved huskies I've ever known. In that one year, it wasn't just Lilo growing, we were also going through the same growing pains. And we all came out better from it!

Lastly, can you finish this sentence: Lilo is my best friend because... She brings out the very best in me.