Lindsey & Jack


♡ How did you meet?

I met Jack when he was just 8 weeks old. He came from a wonderful breeder who chose my husband and I to be his forever family. 💕 We are beyond grateful to have this special boy in our lives!

♡ What’s the naughtiest thing he has done?

Just one…? 😂 Jack is known for his naughty shenanigans! He steals the remote to the TV on a daily basis and he loves to have toilet paper parties 🧻 in the living room when we forget to shut the bathroom door!  Stealing kitchen rugs and bathroom rugs are also on his list of naughty things to do… 

♡ What does he do that always make you smile?

His silly antics are always making me laugh and his facial expressions always put a smile on my face!

♡ Describe your dog in three words!

– Goofy
– Patient
– Kind

♡ What is his favorite thing to do during the summer?

Being in water! Whether a pond, lake, river, or a mud puddle – as long as Jack is wet, he is happy! 💦

♡ What is Jack’s favorite game?

He loves to steal things in hopes for a good chase!

♡ Have you been away from each other for some time? Tell us about it!

The longest we have been a part was 10 days. He always adapts very well in new situations when I am not around him. He is an all around people pleaser and people lover so I always make sure he stays with someone who will give him the same amount of love and attention I give him!

♡ How does your bestie cheer you up when you’re sad?

His goofy demeanor and adorable butt wiggle always puts a smile on my face! 😁

♡ What is the most challenging thing about being a dog mom?

Whenever they are sick or hurting. There always comes a time when you will be put in this position and it is definitely challenging for me.

♡ What was it like when you first brought your bestie home?

Getting to snuggle a squishy Labrador puppy…HEAVEN! 🥰

♡ Does your bestie have any funny nickname?

“Mr. Bean” is probably the most commonly used!

♡ How does he behave with kids?

Jack absolutely ADORES children! He is very patient and gentle with them. His little human cousin, Connor, adores him right back! 🧒

♡ How do you pamper Jack?

Taking him places where he can get LOTS of pets and treats! 🍗 His favorite things!

♡ Have you taken him on a vacation? 

We took Jack to the UP of Michigan for his 2nd Birthday. We hiked a lot, visited Mackinac Island, and also visited his first senior living home where his great-grandma gave him a walker ride! Don’t believe me… check out the video on his Instagram page!

♡ Tell us about a whole day spent with your bestie! 

We always love to meet up with our local Instagram friends from Minnesota whether it is for a group hike or hitting a brewery! I always make sure wherever we go there are people as Jack just adores people and I think they adore him too.

♡ How does your bestie greet you when you arrive home?

He ALWAYS has to have something to greet you with! Typically whatever is closest to him…a toy, a shoe, you name it! 👟

♡ If your dog could talk, what do you think he would say?

“Please pet me!” followed by… “Take me some place where there are lots of people so they can pet me too!”

♡ Complete the sentence. Life with Jack is…..

…an adventure filled with laughter, lots of love, and experiencing things I would have never experienced before if it weren’t for him!