Hannah & Penny


♡ How did you meet?

I grew up with Dachshunds and knew that’s what I wanted for my first dog! It took a few months to find the right breeder. Eventually we drove to one just north of San Diego. When we arrived, Ben and I lay down in the grass and they opened a gate… suddenly about 10 baby wiener dogs were running over and climbing on us! 🐕🐕

Every single puppy there was adorable and they all had great personalities, but Penny and I had an instant connection. She waddled straight over to me, looked at me with her gorgeous green eyes, and immediately rolled over to show me her chubby puppy belly. It’s been true love ever since!! 😍

♡ How did you come up with your dog’s name?

The name Penny came mostly from her copper color, but was partially inspired by the sweet and bubbly personality of the namesake character on The Big Bang Theory! 💥

♡ Do you have a silly pet name for your dog?

I have so many ridiculous names for Penny… I call her “Scooters” a lot, which came from “Scooty Boot” because she’s low to the ground! I also call her “Pen Pal” all the time!

♡ What’s the strangest thing she has eaten?

One time I found her licking a dead baby mouse… yuck! 🐭 

♡ Any top tips for being the best dog mom?

Start training early and stay consistent. Spend time with them! Buy them plenty of toys in a variety of types to stimulate their minds and not chew on your things. Lastly – love them like the fur children that they are! ❤️

♡ Has your dog always been the pawfect model?

Pretty much! Since she was a puppy, she’s loved posing for the camera because she knows it means lots of treats and attention from mom! 📸

♡ Does your dog love to be dressed up?

I don’t think she loves it the way some dogs do, but she tolerates it. She’s so funny – she’ll wear a hat or sunglasses for a few pictures, but after I say “okay,” she actually takes them off with her little paws! It’s so cute! 🕶️


♡ Any fun tricks your dog loves to show?

Penny loves to do her cute tricks – shake, spin, up (stand on her hind legs) – but only if you have treats or belly rubs on hand! 🍖

♡ Have you ever travelled together? Tell us about it!

We’ve actually traveled together a ton! She has gone home with me to Houston, Texas several times and once we drove from there to Louisiana. She also went with us to a wedding in the Texas Hill country once!  Penny has also been to Indianapolis, Tacoma, Spokane and North Carolina! She is my emotional support animal and we have written extensively about traveling on our own blog. We plan to continue bringing her with us everywhere we can! 🗺️