Lotte & Teak

♡ How old is your dog?

Teak is 1 Years Old

♡ How did you become BFF’s?

We became best friends the day I took him home. We are inseparable.

♡ What is your life like together?

Our life together is fun and adventurous. Teak loves to swim, retrieve from the field, and play at the dog park. He is silly and sassy all the time. He acts like a mountain goat at home (imagine a 90lbs Labrador climbing on furniture like a cat). Teak loves people and is constantly wagging his tail.

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

By wearing my FriendshipCollar as Teak’s mom, I am reminded of the joy he brings to me every time I look at it. People ask me all the time what the "collar" is for, I simply tell them it’s my way of publicly showing that I am committed to be the best pet owner I can be.

♡ Can you share any funny stories with us?

Teak likes to think he owns the house so when he is feeling sassy or in charge, he climbs on the coffee table and barks then proceeds to get his favorite toy like he is the king of the world. Teak will also get his favorite squeaky toy and obsessively carry it around squeaking it during a running fit.

The first time Teak had a pup cup from Starbucks his eyes were as wide as a basketball and he was going crazy! When he finished he had a white beard of whip cream and was trying his best to lick it off with his tongue. It was hilarious.

My dog is my best friend because… he helps me in more ways than he will ever know.

If my dog could talk they would probably say… can we go swimming?

Life with a dog is…. pure happiness