Mike & Kyle the Goose

♡ How old is Kyle?

Kyle turned 3 in April.

♡ What is your most treasured toy?

Kyle loves flip flops.There her favorite. If you come over and go out on boat and leave your flip flops on the dock. Kyle loves to throw them in the lake while your gone.

♡ What naughty things would he do if you let him?

If I let her she would go anywhere with me

♡ What has Kyle added to your life?

Kyle has added a lot to my life. There’s nothing that melts away stress like racing Kyle on my boat. Without Kyle I would get bored. Plus she my best friend.

♡ Do you get to go on any adventures together?

Kyle does not behave when she’s by herself. She will board people’s boats or go in people’s houses. When we are together I love to take her places she does not belong. Some fun examples include the store, the car, the park, Starbucks, my friends work places, restaurants and bars etc. As far as being really bad I let her go to the bathroom on a cop car once. Does that count?

♡ How would you describe your bff?

Have you ever seen a super spoiled girl that complains about everything, constantly causing drama with constant mood changes. That’s Kyle. But she loves me.

♡ What’s the cutest thing your Kyle does?

The cutest thing she ever did is hug me when I came back from week vacation.

♡ Tell us something we don’t know about Kyle and how you met?

May 2014 myself along with my friends Krista, James and Alysun were out on the lake. James spotted something in the water. It was Kyle drowning, alone and desperate to stay above water. James scooped him up in a towel so we didn’t touch him. We located his family about 100 yards away on the island. We carefully returned him to dry land near his family. Kyle began to walk towards them but they quickly made it obvious he was not welcome. As we pulled away from the island, the manager came down to investigate what we were doing. We explained what we just told you. He said that we were wasting our time and that geese abandon the ones they don’t think will make it. He then said and I quote “leave it here for the eagles to take or take it home and try to do something with it.”

As I began to pull away Kyle jumped off a 3ft retaining wall and desperately paddled for the boat. I never even stopped. I just put our boat in neutral. He caught up to the swim platform and jumped on the back. Alysun scooped him up. She told me don’t worry I’ll help you. We can both care for him. I agreed… At the end of day I took everyone home. As Alysun got off the boat I asked her so how are we gonna handle this? She looked at me and said “what’s this we stuff. He’s your problem. Oh and by the way if anything happens to fluffy (Alysun’s name for Kyle) I’ll kill u.” The rest is history I guess. We started a social media for Kyle with one goal in mind. Hoping to teach everyone to be kind to animals.

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

FriendshipCollar means that even when we are apart I know we match

Kyle is my best friend because….

Kyle is my best friend cause when she thinks I’m drowning she flies in to help. She does not pass judgement or tell secrets. She does not care what anyone thinks and is not afraid of anything. We like the same shows, we have the same strong opinion about Animal rights and we both love to show off. I trust her. She trusts me.