Luvable & Looking For My Dog-Mom!

Luvable Dog Rescue

Luvable Dog Rescue (formerly known as Luv-A-Bull & Luv-A-Little Dog Rescue and Sanctuary) is  an organization dedicated to re-homing exceptional, loving dogs who have been rescued from high-kill shelters where they had little chance of being adopted.


Luther is ready for his forever home!! Luther has had TPLO surgery on both of his hind legs. He is in the final days of recovery from the second surgery and he is ready to “Go Home!” He has been recovering in the Luvable Office for the last two months – and has become an Instagram Star. As much as we will miss him, he deserves a home of his own! He enjoys the companionship of female dogs but wants to be the only male in the house. He gets along with every human he meets! He also has a mild Subaortic Stenosis heart condition but it doesn’t slow him down. He still loves to go on walks!


Oh hello, my name is Morgan 🙂 I came with my brother Captain from a not so good place where our person was not very nice to us. Because of that we are on the shy side, but I am more outgoing than my brother. I love playing with the other dogs here and they are teaching me to be confident and to trust again. I would love a playful but sweet dog at home to be my friend and an adult only home so i don’t get scared by kids. I don’t like cats so none of those please. If you are interested in adopting me, email for an application!


My name is Sky! I came to Luvable Dog Rescue with my daughter Rain 2 1/2 years. I am deaf so learning my basic training took me a bit longer than regular hearing dogs but I have done a great job! I have learned hand signals for “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “crate”, “no bark”, a release command and have been E-Collar trained! I am housebroken and crate trained. I really want to have people around often so I am looking for a home with someone who is home a lot or I could go with them to work! I need to have a fenced yard and I must be the only animal in the house because I do not like other dogs and will chase kitties, but I promise to be the best only dog by making it up to you with endless snuggles! I have been working with my trainers on my impulse control when out on walks and with the E-Collar and now I don’t pay much attention to other dogs when we are out in town! I am very easy to walk at a very mellow speed and I really enjoy getting out for my exercise!It also helps me keep down my weight so I can maintain my girlish figure 😉 When I first came to Luvable I had a bad cherry eye so that was taken care of for my new family with my spay.
If you are interested in adopting me, email for an application!

PICASSO the Wonky Dog

I saw this dog’s photo at the Porterville animal shelter and knew he had to come to Luvable…!!!! Then I found out he was on the euthanasia list. Then I found out he had a “normal looking” brother who was also on the euthanasia list. Both dogs had been surrendered to the shelter by their breeder/owner.

I couldn’t imagine taking one boy and not the other. So we got them both out and safe and brought them to Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon!

We named them Picasso and Pablo, and Picasso’s amazing face has received a lot of attention!!!

Thank you for following Picasso’s amazing journey. Sadly, we lost his brother, Pablo in October when he died suddenly of an unpreventable brain aneurysm. Picasso is courageous and resilient and is continuing on with his training to become a therapy dog and assist Luvable Dog Rescue in its humane education program. Picasso is only 18 months old and has just begun his long life of service and adventures!

Picasso’s story has spanned the globe! 

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