Molly & Brenda

♡ Your bestie’s name, age and breed?

Brenda is a Great Pyrenees, but she’s pretty small for her breed. We think she’s about a year to a year and a half old; her teeth are pearly white and she has A LOT of puppy tendencies! 

♡ What is it like having a dog as a best friend?

Brenda is one of the kindest and sweetest creatures I’ve gotten to know. I can get so stressed about school and work, but she’s always there to reassure me and calm me down. When I’m down on myself, she reminds me that I’m loved. ❤️ When I’m overwhelmed with a thousand things at once, she’s happy to walk miles with me while I clear my head.

♡ What is the funniest thing they have ever done?

Brenda is a MASSIVE goofball 🤪 She likes to act like a sophisticated lady, especially when we have guests over. But as soon as the guests leave, its like a light bulb goes off and she cranks the silliness up to 100!! But the funniest thing she does is smile. When she’s overwhelmed, excited, or feeling guilty she pulls her lips back and smiles at me!

♡ Describe your dog in 3 words!

Sweet, sassy, stubborn! 😂

♡ Where’s your dog’s favorite place to go?

My dad has about 30 acres of land located two hours away. When we have a weekend off, I get Brenda and her brother in the car and head that way. There’s lots of space to run and play, as well as bunnies and deer to chase, ponds to swim in, and a ton of other dogs to play with. It’s puppy paradise! 

♡ What are your top tips for being the best dog mom?

I think being a good dog mom comes in a lot of different forms, but to me spending lots of time with your pup is key. Taking the time to train, exercise, and bond with your dog really reaffirms the relationship you two have and builds life-long friendships. Plus, it means the world to them! They don’t care if they have the fanciest dog bed or the most expensive dog food on the shelf. That stuff is all for us as owners (guilty!!). Dogs just want to spend time with us! 😍

♡ What does your BFF do that always makes you smile?

Brenda has some incredible sass to her. When she wants something, initially she’ll come sit in front of me. But if I’m busy and don’t notice right away (God forbid) she starts to throw her head in circles and get all huffy!! It’s so funny – obviously she ends up getting attention!!

♡ Any secrets about them you can share with us?

Brenda is the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen – but she has one very ugly secret that makes me cringe. Yes, you guessed it. Bren is a poop eater… Her poop. Horse poop. Cow poop. 💩 You name it. I tend to keep a jar of peanut butter handy to freshen her breath up, just in case she’s decided treated herself to some poop lately 😱

♡ How did you two meet?

Bren was picked up by animal control in KCK back in November of 2018. No one came to claim her so she was relinquished to a rescue group, who took her to a PetSmart for an adoption event.Unfortunately, due to a lack of socialization and what seemed to be a history of nasty abuse, Brenda was petrified at the adoption event. No one could approach her, and if they tried she would back away in fear. A friend of the family, Kris, happened upon Brenda and knew that she had to adopt her. And so, Brenda was taken back to Kris’s house and given her awesome new name!

I was in Ireland, studying abroad, at the time and only saw Brenda in pictures. Though she began opening up and trusting select people under Kris’s care, Brenda was still a very nervous and fearful pup. A few weeks after returning home, Kris brought Brenda out to my dads farm. It was first time meeting Brenda, and we instantly clicked. Unlike most other people, she had no initial fear of me. I saw her and called her to me, and she ran up and jumped on me. Kris noticed the positive reaction, and asked if I would like to have her! Obviously I said yes – Brenda is an AMAZING dog! The rest is history!

♡ Have they pooped anywhere they shouldn’t have?

Brenda has gotten so good at potty training – but whenever she has accidents it is ALWAYS on rugs or carpets. She can never throw us a bone and poop on the tile. Oh no. The carpet cleaner was my best friend for a while… 🐾