Marie, Namid, & Cody


 How did you meet your besties Namid & Cody?

Namid and Cody both come from a breeder. Both moved in with us at 8 weeks. Namid 2018 and Cody 2020.

 Describe their personalities!

Namid is reluctant and fearful. He doesn't like strangers so much, but he loves other dogs and is a great big brother for Cody. Cody is extremely curious and very independent.

♥ Do you have silly pet names for your besties?

I often call Namid baby or sweetheart and Cody we sometimes call Codylini.

♥ Can you share some tips on taking their pawfect photos?

When it comes to photography, the most important thing is that the dogs also enjoy standing in front of the camera.

♥ What’s the naughtiest thing they have done?

As a puppy, Namid destroyed everything as soon as he was home alone for only a few minutes.

Do they know some tricks? What’s the best trick you have ever taught your besties?

The favorite trick of the two is waving.

♥ Where’s your favourite travel destination?

We love to vacation with the dogs by the sea or in the mountains.

♥ How do they cheer you up when you’re sad?

Namid and Cody always cheer me up when I'm sad. Namid then comes to cuddle and kiss me and Cody asks me to play.

♥ What is the biggest challenge you have had with Namid & Cody?

The biggest challenge was and is dealing with Namid's insecurity.

♥ What are your top tops for being the best dog mom?

 I have learned that it is the most important thing to be a good dog mum to be able to respond exactly to the needs of the dog. Many problems are solved by learning to understand the dog and working on the bond.

♥ What is the best thing about having Namid & Cody?

I love everything about Cody and Namid and am grateful to have them every day.