Shuyang, Ruby, & Maui


Your besties’ names, age and breed?

Ruby, 5 yrs old, pembroke welsh corgi.
Maui, 2.5 yrs old, golden retriever 

What is it like having two dogs as  best friends?

It just makes me so happy and satisfied everyday knowing that they don’t feel lonely in any circumstances. When I only had Ruby, I constantly worried that she is bored or lonely. Having 2 dogs definitely brings much more happiness to the family!

Did they always get along with each other? Tell us about their personalities!

They became best friends the second day Maui was home! We chose a golden as the second dog because Ruby’s best friend is a golden and she has a special love for the breed. I also chose a dog with high energy level so I knew they will get along and play very well. 

Ruby is sassy, bossy, vocal, and very protective of her family!
Maui is silly, gentle, submissive and very playful.

Their personalities complement each other!

What is the funniest thing they have ever done?

They put big smiles on my face everyday! One of the funniest thing was when Maui treated ruby as a stump and peed on her head 🤭 while Ruby barked and tried to punish Maui for it! 🤣

Where is their favorite place to go or their favorite activity?

The dog beach in Chicago! Both of them are swimming pros and playing on the beach and diving into the water are absolutely their favorite. 🌊

Have you ever travelled with your besties? Tell us about it!

Yes! They both been to many places. I try to take them everywhere within the U.S: Miami, SF, Phoenix, Hawaii, Toronto, etc. They do very well on trips and they really enjoy exploring new places just like human! The memories of traveling together are so worth it. 

How do you capture the pawfect action shots for their social media accounts?

Always keep your phone on hand, and keep taking! There will always be a good one out of 100 :)

Do you have any advice on how to keep your dogs exercised and entertained when they can’t go out as much?

Interactive toys, also they love play hide and seek with toys as well as human. Mental exercise is exhausting too!

How do your besties help you through a difficult time?

Ruby and Maui bring me the best comfort. Their presence can soothe all my bad thoughts. I had some depression during pregnancy and my best relief was taking them out for walks and seeing how happy they are. They deserve the best love.

What do they do that always makes you smile?

When they come for cuddles and smiling at me. 

What are your top tips for being the best dog mom?

Give them as much as play time if you can. Both of the breeds are active so they need exercise daily. I don’t allow myself to be lazy and not take them out. Also, find a good vet & pet insurance and keep up with all the vaccinations.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Thanks for following and loving us!