Matt, Alissa, & Hudson


🤍 How did you meet? How old is Hudson?

We got Hudson from a breeder in New Jersey. They had been recommended by a friend, and we knew that they were the perfect fit. Hudson was the first born and chosen for us by our breeder! Hudson is now 2 years old.

🤍 What do you love most about his character?

Nothing ever gets Hudson down. He has had a few bumps from minor surgeries all the way to having a part of his tail amputated, and not once did it ever slow him down or keep him from smiling ear to ear.

🤍 Where is your favorite place to go together?

During quarantine, we’ve been lucky to be near a beach and it’s near impossible to keep him off of it. It’s great to let him run, burn off some energy, and splash in the waves.

🤍 Has he pooped anywhere he shouldn’t have?

Right in front of the TV multiple times!

🤍 What is the biggest challenge you have had with Hudson so far?

One of our biggest challenges other than the previously mentioned surgeries is walking on leash. He’s very headstrong and physically strong. He likes to go where he wants to go. We’ve even had a trainer remark that he’s trouble so we decided to let him be himself, and we manage as best as we can.

🤍 Can you share a funny story about Hudson?

When we brought Hudson to the ocean for the first time, we thought he’d run right in. He’s a great swimmer and it’s impossible to keep him out of the pool. Instead the very first wave gave him a fright that we had never experienced before, and after his beloved ball rolled into the ocean, we knew it was all over. His now famous video shows him slowly approaching the ball and then shaking uncontrollably when the wave arrives. Fortunately, he has enough time between waves to carefully inch forward and grab the ball. It’s certainly a moment that we’ll never forget!

🤍 How is Hudson adjusting to the current quarantine situation?

We’ve been fortunate as a family to be somewhere bigger than our NYC apartment so he’s benefited the most from the situation with a big backyard and no more elevator rides.

🤍 How do you keep him well-exercised when he can’t go out as much?

Where we are is actually quite quiet so we can give him walks and never run into anyone else.

🤍 What are your top tips on being the best dog mom?

Love unconditionally and forgive always. Mistakes are going to happen and it’s part of the process. Learning together creates memories that you’ll cherish forever.

🤍 And really, the best thing about having Hudson is… 

...having a fluffy companion that is there for you when you need them most.