Heather, Raku & Fenix


🤍 Your besties’ names, age and breed? 

Raku (4) and Fenix (2), Australian Shepherds.

🤍 What is it like having two dogs as best friends? 

Dogs truly make the best of friends. They listen more than they talk. They are always ready to cuddle. They are game for any and every adventure. They provide unconditional love in a way that not all humans are capable of doing. I count myself lucky to have them in my life.

🤍 Did they always get along with each other? Tell us about their personalities! 

Raku gets along with everyone, animals and people alike. Fenix, on the other hand, is a bit more cautious. He loves his people fiercely, but is wary of strangers. Luckily, since Raku is the older of the two, they have always had  a strong bond.

🤍 What is the funniest thing they have ever done? 

They are pretty quiet dogs overall, but the second they hear a firetruck they both begin to howl in sync and I can't get enough of it!

🤍 Where is their favorite place to go or their favorite activity?

Raku is my social butterfly, so he loves trips to the dog park where he gets to make new friends and meet their humans. Fenix is my cuddle bug, his happy place is being snuggled up on the couch between dad and myself each night. 

🤍 Have you ever traveled with your besties? Tell us about it!

They are some well traveled pups! Both were born in Oregon, however, when Raku was 1 we bought an RV and moved every 6 months. Therefore, Raku has lived in: Oregon, Washington, Montana, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. We brought Fenix into the family halfway through our RV travels so he's lived in: Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. We've also traveled to Canada (Yoho, Banff, and Jasper) with the boys. We love having them when we travel because they make the hikes more enjoyable. Plus we become a massive cuddle puddle at the end of the day when we're all pooped.

🤍 How do you capture the pawfect action shots for their Instagram?

In my opinion, the VERY best action shots are candid. We try to get them when the boys are running in the backyard or enjoying an off-leash hike area.

🤍 Do you have any advice on how to keep your dogs exercised and entertained when they can’t go out as much? 

We spend an awful lot of time playing Frisbee in the backyard. We've also been doing walks around the neighborhood. Lastly, bully sticks are a great indoor pastime!

🤍 How do your besties help you through a difficult time? 

They're present. It doesn't take a grand gesture to provide comfort during a difficult time. Sometimes, it's just taking the time to be by your side to let you know you're not alone.

🤍 What do they do that always makes you smile? 

Every time we get fresh snow they get SO excited. They bounce around like they've never seen snow before and seeing their joy never fails to bring me joy.

🤍 What are your top tips for being the best dog mom? 

This one is simple, try every day to provide them with as much love as they provide you! 🥰