Max & his Family


🤍 How did you get your pup?

Hey! We’ve always wanted a golden retriever, and we found a litter of puppies on Craigslist

🤍Describe your bestie's personality!

Max is highly food motivated or has a selective hearing haha!

🤍 Any cool trick he loves to show?

He can do most tricks like sitting on his back legs straight up like a meerkat, even stand up for up to 10 seconds. Max can spin, sit, bark, lay down, do legs (when they come in between your legs), and much more. 

🤍 What's your bestie's favorite way to relax?

Max is very curious and can never sit still. His favorite way to relax lies down with his legs on the wall.

🤍 What's the naughtiest thing he has done?

Max has eaten expensive flowers, chewed up his dog tags, even broke one of his leg cameras!  

🤍 Do you have training tips?

Some training tips are always having training treats and lots of patience! 

🤍 What's your favorite bonding activity?

Our favorite bonding activity is when I watch TV and Max lays on my leg and pretends he watches TV too, but he's probably sleeping.

🤍 What's the best thing about having Max in your family?

The best thing about having Max is in the family is when I open the door, Max greets me with excitement.