Medical Marvels

Let’s face it – our pets are for sure our favorite family members, and we care for them as our own flesh and blood. Once, not too long ago, a four-legged family member getting injured or falling pretty ill came with a bleaker outlook. But thanks to some pretty killer advances in science, pets are able to receive the best of care and keep on bringing us joy. Check out these examples of modern medical marvels.

Wheelie Dogs

There is something so resilient and naturally just good about a dog’s spirit, that you’ll never see a little disability like leg paralysis keep them down. What used to mean either a death sentence or a very unfulfilled life for a dog, and one full of struggles for the human (with lifting, carrying, diapering, wiping, etc.) is now quite minimized thanks to dog wheelchairs. In the past few years, there have been constant improvements in making them of lighter aluminum alloys, having the ability to “grow” with a pup as he ages, and even, recently, some options for the less-common front leg disabled dogs out there. Watching these beauties run around outside with their wheels is a fulfilling sight like no other.

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3D Printed Limbs

In a testament to just how far and fast scientific advances have been rolling in, look no further than Peg, the duck. This one-legged cutie had his leg chewed off by a turtle shortly after hatching (ow!) but a band of kind-hearted 8th graders stepped in a 3D printed him a new leg. 8th graders –how amazing is that? Thanks to their efforts, Peg is able to waddle around with the best of his fine feathered friends.

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Doggy DNA Testing

Remember when your mutt’s mixed lineage was pretty much just your best guess and up for interpretation? In just the past year or two, there’s been a sudden uptick in the availability of DNA tests for dogs, with Wisdom Panel leading the charge. Thanks to the seemingly magical sciences of genetic testing, you can send off a bit of your pup’s saliva find out a near perfect breakdown of all the breeds that go into making your best friend who they are. This more detailed information on your dog’s genetic makeup, you can better prepare for potential health problems, tailor diets to them, and state proudly that your adorable fluff face is a “German Shepherd – rottie – terrier cross with an exquisitely diverse lineage.”

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Adorable Manipulators

 Have you always suspected your dog might be playing you? That they know exactly what big-eyed, head-tilted adorable face works best on you? Well in 2017, scientists at the University of Portsmouth proved you right! Common tropes of playing up the “cute, poor puppy dog look” including brow raising to make the eyes appear larger, tilting the head to one side, a steady gaze, etc. were only employed when looking directly at humans – not at photographs, not at food, not at toys. So, yes, pet parents, your pups do know exactly what they are doing!

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Snuggle Pups

If you are like the majority of Americans (and like all of us at FriendshipCollar,) you consider your dog to be a major part of your family, and probably let your pup cozy up to you at night and sleep in your bedroom.  Well, guess what? According to science, you’re doing the best thing possible for you! The Mayo Clinic did a months-long study on the sleeping patterns of adults with dogs and without sleeping disorders, and found that overwhelmingly the people who had their dog in bed with them enjoyed longer, more uninterrupted, and quality sleep. (We’d like to say “told ya so” to any non-believers out there, too.) Also we would LOVE to be part of this study! Snoozing with pooches, sign us up!

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Justice for Flatter Faces

As cute as Frenchie, Boston and Pug faces are, it’s no secret that they come with their own seat of particular breathing problems. Anyone who has this breed of bestie can contest that snores, snorts and snuffles are in abundance! Well, in June of 2017, veterinarian scientists developed a bold new surgery, LATE, involving lasers to remove small amounts of tissue in the nasal cavities that block airflow. While in longer nosed dogs, this internal tissue wouldn’t be an issue, our cute little smooshy faced friends experience crowding and overgrowth of the tissue, which leads to severe respiratory problems. So, while there still is no full cure for all breathing problems, this breakthrough goes a long way in improving quality of life for sure!


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We’re all so thankful for these modern medical marvels helping our furry friends stay around longer and live happier lives. We can’t wait to see what breakthroughs are on the horizon in 2018! Hopefully someone will invent a way for our pooches to talk to us! Love & friendship x