Best friends: Megan & Willie


♡ Tell us a little about your horse!

My horse Cooley Hawk, or Willie as he is more commonly known as, is a 15.3h black gelding. He is a cheeky horse, who can be very sensitive and tricky but has the biggest heart and is so incredibly brave. He took me from unaffiliated 90cm events to BE Novice in six events and I owe him the world.

♡ How did you find each other? 

In 2016, I found him on Horsequest when I was 16 years old and I was looking for my first proper event horse as I was out of ponies. 

    ♡ Have you always loved riding? What age did you start!

    Yes! My mum had a horse when I was born so I used to get plonked on horses before I could even walk!! I got my first loan when I was 2 and my own pony when I was 5. She was a little Welsh Section A bay mare called Tequila.

    ♡ Does your horse like meeting new horses & making friends?

    Yes, he loves horses (much more than he liked humans!) and currently has all the mares chasing after him where he is kept! He is quite cheeky though and sometimes takes the other horses muzzles and fly masks off!

    ♡ What style of riding do you do with your horses?

    We used to event until last year however Willie did an injury in May last year and has been out of work since, however he is coming back into work hopefully in the next few weeks.

    ♡ What is the naughtiest thing he has done?

    He used to get quite excited sometimes when being ridden and used to buck so high that his tail used to hit the top of my hat!

    ♡ How does he cheer you up when you’re sad?

    He gives the best kisses (on his terms of course!) but he always knows when I'm sad and nuzzles me on the head or my arm with his nose.

    ♡ What has been the biggest obstacle that you have conquered together?

    This last year. When he did his injury everything was just starting to come together and after so many challenges we had finally got where we wanted to be. The vets could never work out what he had actually done so we had no choice but to turn him away for a year as I was going away to University, which meant I've been about four hours from him since September. It's been so hard but he's coming home in the next few weeks.

    ♡ Can you share a funny story about your horse?

    He threw me off bum first in the only puddle on our hack once as he suddenly decided being ridden was exciting and I wasn't paying attention.

    ♡ Do you have any big plans for the future for you and your horse?

    Mainly to get him sound and comfortable. My dream with him was always to try in the OIU21 trials just to have a go and say we tried but realistically now if I can just get him sound enough to have some fun with again then i'll be over the moon. 

    ♡ What is the silliest thing your horse spooks at?

    Drains in the road- he hates them!

    ♡ What is the weirdest thing your horse has eaten?

    He absolutely loves the glucose drink lucozade orange and will literally try and steal the bottle off of me if he can reach!

    ♡ What does your horse's day-to-day look like?

    At the moment he is just in a field with his girlfriends eating to his heart's content with 9 mares all falling at his feet!

    ♡ Do you compete with your horse? How has he done in the ring so far?

    We’ve evented up to BE Novice. His dressage is always quite tense but he often makes up for it by going double clear.

    ♡ What is the best thing about having your horse?

    How happy he makes me (cringey I know).

    ♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

    It means I can still feel close to him even when he is miles away.


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