Rebekah & Baxter

♡ How did you get Baxter?

I adopted Baxter about 4 years ago. She was a feral kitten that a good Samaritan found and brought to a local vet clinic. They estimated she was about 6 weeks old. She wasn’t in the best of shape- she had been attacked by something that caused an infection in her tail, and the veterinarian had to amputate. She also had gastrointestinal issues that required a specially prescribed (and expensive) cat food.

♡ Was it love at first sight?

She was a small kitten, but had a lot of “baggage” that many people wouldn’t want to handle. But after seeing one picture of her, I knew there was something special about her.

♡ How was she when she started living with you?

She adapted extremely well once we took her in. We helped her as best we could with her diet, and after nearly two years, we were able to “reset” her system and have now, happily, converted to a normal diet!

♡ What is life like having Baxter as a bestie?

Through the years, she has been so much more than just a cat. Many pet owners talk about how their animals become a member of their families, but again, Baxter is more than a family member. My husband was sick and had to stay at home for nearly a year, and without fail, Baxter was there with him. She helped lift his spirits and keep him going. She even inspired him to change career paths and attend vet school so that he can help others enjoy their relationship with their pets, too.

♡ What is the cutest thing she does?

When we moved across the country (for said vet school) and I spent several months on the job search, she was always with me to keep me from getting too depressed when I kept getting rejection letters. She instinctively knows when we are upset or stressed and immediately comes to comfort us. When I heard about FriendshipCollar, I just knew I had to celebrate our special bond. But it’s more than just a bond between a human and an animal. It’s more than me being “a crazy cat lady.” She is our companion, our friend, our hope. I can’t even imagine life without her. Thanks for letting me brag about my special girl! And thanks for creating a product that we can enjoy together!