Minuscule Besties

Besties come in all sizes – the awe-inspiring big ones and the awwww-inducing tiny ones (and every size in between.) If you’re like us and love miniatures of anything, then come with us on a journey to visit our tiniest animal kingdom friends.

Pygmy Marmoset


The absolute smallest primate in the world, this darling baby may not actually be prime pet materials, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to give him butterfly kisses and gentle snuggles. Just look at them tiny lil fingers!

Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel

Move over, Rocky!

A nocturnal bestie, this totes adorbs fuzzy baby has even tinier babies of her own here! Just imagine your dog bestie seeing a squirrel this small – he wouldn’t even know how to bark at it!

African Dwarf Frog

Full disclosure – this editor had one of these as a kid and named it ‘Hagrid’

Super small and super adorable, these aquatic besties are right at home in a small aquarium or a cute pond! They’re the mermaids of the frog word and rarely reach over the size of a quarter!

Pygmy Seahorse


As if seahorses weren’t tiny and cute enough already – there’s a special, specific extra bitty one! Just imagine a pint sized mermaid saddling up this small steed… These guys grow to a maximum of 2 centimeters long and are a cute addition to/star of a saltwater setup.

Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat

The true littlest vampire

With an, er, descriptive name like that, there’s no hiding this baby batty’s true colors! They weigh about as much as a dime and hold the title of the world’s smallest mammal. Sadly they are only found in Thailand and Myanmar but they make a compelling case for a bestie site-seeing vacay!

Brookesia Minima Chameleon

We’d be afraid we would lose him, tbh

Less than ONE INCH long, these babies camouflage nicely with their native habitat’s leaves and look just like a full-size chameleon – just craaaaaaazy tiny!

Paedocypris Carp

Is that a fish or a fairy??

The smallest fish yet discovered, full-grown adults are never more than 8 millimeters. That’s insane! They feed on plankton and have a rudimentary skull, so they are pretty delicate. Sadly, their natural swamp habitats are decreasing and so these itty bitty babies are at risk for extinction.

Bee Hummingbird

It’s a tiny Flit!

Native to Cuba, this flying fairy is never more than 2 inches long and still flaps its wings at sonic speeds – so fast, in fact, the human eye can’t detect the movements! It even lays eggs that are smaller than a coffee bean in their world’s tiniest nests!

Do you go gaga for these tiny precious babies? Whether your bestie is large and proud or the runt of a litter (or species!) we think they’re três adorbs!