Paws of Sunshine

The wonderful thing about besties is – they love you now matter what! Have you ever found yourself feeling down when your cat rubs up against you? Have you been in your feelings, tears streaming, and your pup brings you his favorite toy? Our besties are our rays of sunshine and they’re always there to cheer us up when they’re sensing we’re down.

Zeus, the Gift Giver


Zeus, the therapy dog, more than lives up to his chosen career as, when his human is sad, he brings things to cheer them up. Typically potatoes but then sometime upping it to two potatoes and some empty bottles. A potato? Why thank you! I mean, we would be pretty happy if our pupper brought us potatoes! However if anyone else brought us a gift like this we are not sure how we would feel! Has your bestie brought you anything random to make you a little bit happier?

Tumblr| Drovie

“I’ve brought you everything I could get my paws on and put it in a pile by your feet to make your tears go away…..” How cute is that?? 😭😱

Caring Cats


Being a good friend isn’t just for the dogs – kitties are so super lovingtoo! They can really sense when your down and stick by your side, through all ups and downs! 

Socks are Friends


This two-legged bestie has a four-legged counterpart that knows the real secret to happiness – socks! I mean socks can cure all! Especially if they are straight from the dirty laundry basket!  “Whenever I am sad he brings me a sock.” Just look at those caring eyes! Dobby to the max handing out comfort socks! If in doubt, socks will do the trick! If you have ever wondered why pairing socks is so difficult, we may have just found the key to the worldwide missing sock conundrum and the reason why we can never pair our socks on laundry day. 

Brave Bathtime Bestie


A little personal fear doesn’t stop this friend from wanting to comfort his human – no matter what.

“Every time I’m in the shower my dog stares at me, worried, and he must assume I’m upset in here (because he hates baths) so he thinks if he drops his toy in with me, that I’ll feel better,” Clark’s mom reports. “It’s important to note he hates baths. Of course, when he would first do it we thought he just wanted to play but that clearly wasn’t the case because if you throw it he gets visibly upset and doesn’t chase it, he just wants you to keep it until the shower is over.” That’s true friendship!

Tear Patrol

This bestie knows what the sound of a sniffle means – it’s time to step in and help out her owner with a ready tissue! Dogs truly are so smart and so sweet. 

A Helping Paw

The Dodo

“My sick wife’s cough scares our dog, so he goes over to her side of the bed with every cough and tentatively offers a paw.”

Awww! We’d hold paws with that sweet fur baby any day. 

Sadness Scavenger

We just love how this bestie wants to find something, whatever they can get their teeth on, basically anything to make her human happy again! 

Besties of all kinds are the sweetest, are the most loving, are the most adorable and are just plain, well, the best! Does your furry friend know when you are sad and have a routine to try and cheer you up? Let us know!