Hermès & Missproutprout

Our latest pet crush: Hermès & Missproutprout

Social media fame: @missproutprout

Why did you choose a Frenchie for a best friend?  When I was a teenager, there was a french musical emission on tv  where the star was a Frenchie. I fell in love with this breed of dog. I found them so ugly and pretty at the same time with such a funny sweet face. I always knew one day I would have one. I looked for a frenchie for a long time until my eyes met the Hermes picture and it was just like in my dreams!

Nicknames: Chouchou, Nini and My Big Bacon

Breed: Frenchbulldog

Color of fur: Black and white

Can you tell us a bit about Hermes? Hermès loves beautiful ladies in general  when he see one on the street, he stops and waits for cuddles.

Describe your pooch in 3 words: funny, cute and cuddly

Does Hermes have any fun favorite tricks: He makes yoga positions Like a buddha!

What’s the cutest thing Hermes does? Hermès is really sweet and he loves sleep. However when he puts her paw in my hand it’s so adorable!

What is Hermes personality like? He is friendly, stubborn and funny. His favourite hobbies are sunbathing, eating, dressing up for photoshoot, playing and having lots of cuddles.

Describe your dog’s day: Hermès is always the last to be awake! He loves being comfy on the bed, then he will have his breakfast before our morning walk and afterwards he takes a long nap. When I come back home, we play together and have lots of hugs and kisses before we go on another walk in the forest. Some days we have our photoshoots!  Then it is always a nap again before his dinner.

Finish this sentence. My dog makes me smile when…I see him after a tough day. He’s my sunshine☀️

My dog is my best friend because…. he makes my life better and together we are stronger!