Frost & River

Our latest pet crush: My name is Ruth Nielsen and my two canine best buddies are Bernese Mountain Dog Frost (male) and   Newfoundland River (female).  Together they are the Adventure Twins!  I'm answering the questions about Frost

Social media fame: Instagram: @mazamadog

The story: I fell in love with Frost when his breeder posted his puppy pictures on Facebook.  Something about his pictures made me think he had just the right personality and love of life that I was looking for - plus he was so handsome!  Frost was born in Mexico City and his breeder is a friend of mine so I persuaded her that Frost needed to come live with me in Washington State. Frost took a couple of plane rides to travel from Mexico to Washington and the love affair has continued!

Nicknames: Frost is also "Frosty Bear" or F-Bear because he looks like a bear!

Breed: Frost is a Bernese Mountain Dog

Colour of fur: Black with white and tan markings        

Describe your pooch in 3 words.. energetic, handsome and playful!

Dog’s favourite trick? Frost has done obedience training and he loves to respond to hand signals - he also loves to back up and can walk backwards for quite a distance!

Tell us a quirky story about your pup: Funny Story - Frost has quite a sense of humor and he thinks it's funny to bite your feet and try to take your shoes off. He is an accomplished show dog but in his very first show he decided he would rather  bite the feet of his breeder who was trying to show him -instead of behaving! The judge didn't think it was very funny, but everyone else did and he is still remembered as that puppy who tried to take his handler's shoes off in the show ring!

What’s the cutest thing Frost has ever done? The cutest thing he does - Frost loves to pose for the camera - he is an excellent model - and he will cross his paws and hold his head "just so" - like any good professional male model!

Dog’s main personality traits? Frost has an outrageous sense of humor and always tries to get me to play with him - or make me laugh. He thinks the shoe thing is pretty funny. He is full of energy and loves to run more than anything which is unusual for a dog of his size. He is basically a very happy dog and always has a smile - and he's always on the go!  Life is never boring with Frost!

Dog’s favourite hobbies? I love to spend time in the mountains hiking and skiing and I think Frost loves that too. Frost has his own backpack and he gets very excited when I start packing gear for a hike or a backpacking trip. He thinks snow is the best and is most excited when he can run and play on the snow. Any time we go to the mountains we are both happy!

Describe your dog’s typical day.. Sometimes Frost gets to go to work with me and those are the best days when we are together all day. If he can't go to work with me he hangs out at home and when I get home we will go to obedience training class or go for a walk, or do some training in the park if we have a competition coming up.  On weekends we head to the mountains and then our days are filled with hiking and exploring. I try to have my camera with me since Frost is such a good model!

Finish this sentence. My dog makes me smile when… My dog makes me smile when he wags his tail and looks at me with his brightest expression - what are we going to do now? He's always ready for an adventure!

My dog is my best friend because... Frost is my best friend because he is so smart and eager for adventure- and always happy to be with me. I love having such a good buddy to share my adventures with.