Morgan, Charlie & Penny

♡ How old are your two girls?

Charlie will be 2 on November 3, and Penny will be 2 on December 28. 🙂

♡ Can you tell me about your life with them?

Charlie & I became besties my senior year in college and after I graduated my husband and I got married and got Penny as a bestie for Charlie. Our little girls are inseparable and I cannot ever imagine life without them.

♡ Can you tell me about your life with them? Daily routines? Things they adore?

When I am not traveling for my job (which is very often) I get to work remotely from my house. When I am working, they both fight to sit on my lap, and fight for the space under my desk chair at my feet. They love when I am home, because they are allowed to run the house freely. Every morning I wake up and make a pot of coffee. They know when they hear the coffee part starting, it’s time for them to get up! I take them both out for a walk first thing in the morning. When my husband comes home from work, they act like they haven’t seen him in years, it’s so funny. I love how excitable they both are. Penny loves chewing on socks, calf hooves, and anything she can get her paws on, really. Charlie loves her favorite honeycomb ball, and she guards it from Penny all day long. They both LOVE to cuddle with me and my husband. Penny actually loves our cat Molly, and Molly loves her right back. Charlie loves our kitty too, but Molly doesn’t love Charlie so much haha!

♡ What does FriendshipCollar mean to you?

Growing up, I always made friendship bracelets for my best friends. It was a way of connecting us together, and everyone who saw us together and apart knew we were best friends. The same goes for the matching collars and bracelet for myself. It connects me and my girls in a way that is so unique and fun. Everywhere I go, people will see our friendship bracelets and know how much my sweet girls mean to me!

♡ Can you tell us any funny stories about them?

Oh my gosh where to start… There are so many.

-Last Christmas, we found out that Charlie is scared of the empty wrapping paper holder. It was sitting on the floor while I was wrapping presents, and she wouldn’t come near it. I picked it up to see what was wrong, and she fell over backwards because she was so scared!

-Penny knows that she isn’t supposed to chew on socks. Anytime you catch her, she will turn her head away because she knows it’s wrong, but she can’t help herself. She will sheepishly tuck her tail, and lower the sock to the floor. It’s the cutest and funniest thing.

-They freak out when they know they’re going for a car ride. Anytime they’re outside and won’t come in, we start up the car and they come running and get inside. If they’re out when we have people come over, they will jump in anyone’s car if they have the door open. It’s so funny!!

♡ My dogs are my best friends because…

They love me unconditionally. No matter what, they are always there for me to give me non-stop kisses and endless cuddles. I couldn’t ask for 2 better best friends than my sweet girls. ❤