Signs that Show You are Obsessed With Your Dog!

1. They are more pampered than you are, with regular grooming sessions your BFF has the softest paws and is always fresh from having their hair cut!

2. They eat better than you: Organic Tick! From a boutique dog-bakery? Tick and crazily expensive? Tick!

3. They get the best seat in the house every single time! From movie night where your pooch get's front row seats and blocks the TV screen, to bed time, where your pooch snoozes in the middle of your bed, under the duvet and leaves very little room for you!

4. You share all your secrets with your pooch, you talk to them more than anyone else (in a baby voice) and more importantly, when you come home from work you ask them how their day was before saying hi to anyone else!

5. Your dog has more events in their diary than you do! So first we will hit the dog park, then we will go grab a puppucino!

6. You would rather stay in with your dog, than go out and party...  "My dog needs me", "My dog says I can't" and "Sorry not sorry I'm busy hanging out with my dog" are genuine excuses that you would use!

7. You would only date someone if your dog approves of them. Or even better, you would only date someone for their dog!

8. You Skype call your pooch daily, when you go away on vacation. No you hang up... you hang up. Your life goals would be your dog being able to text you back!

9. You plan your dog's surprise birthday party months in advance and talk about it in whispered tones... So the P.A.R.T.Y. is happening next week! If any of your friends can't make it, you will un-friend them. What do you mean you can't make it, it's my dog's birthday! Do you realise how important this day is to me!

10. Your dog takes centre stage and plays a major part in all of your key life events, major points to this proposal! How can you say no to a man who understands your love for your dog?

11. Your desktop background picture is of your dog doing something insanely cute. Ok, so it's a little fuzzy and they have their eyes closed, and you can barely make out it's them, but it's still worthy of being your phone and laptop screen saver!

12. You buy them more gifts than anyone else.When payday comes it's treats for your bff... Your mantra is: I work hard, so my dog can have an easy life.

13. Your dog's wardrobe is bigger than your own! Choosing which collar they will wear each week is super fun. You want everyone to know that your dog is your BFF and you always want to feel connected to them, so you rock FriendshipCollar and match!