Mowgli & Breck

♡ How did you two become best friends?

We rescued Mowgli from Partners For Pets in Troy IL. Partners For Pets pulls their animals from animal control before their time is up. Mowgli was 2 hours away from being euthanized when Partners For Pets came to the rescue. We adopted Mowgli December 15, 2013. We were so heartbroken, compelled, and inspired by his story, we felt the need to get involved.

♡ How old is Mowgli?

Mowgli is estimated to be 3 years old.

♡ What breed is he?

We believe he is a Dutch Shepherd mix.

♡ Does Mowgli get on with other pooches?

Yes! Since his adoption, we have adopted another dog, got involved with his shelter and volunteer every Saturday as well as fostering 17 dogs in the past year and a half. I also now sit on the board of Partners For Pets. We like to say Mowgli has saved 18 dogs in his short time with us thus far.

♡ Can you tell us a bit about volunteering at the rescue! 18 dogs is quite a number!!

Every Saturday morning I go to the shelter and help clean the dog room. After a few weeks, I couldn't help but bring one home! That was the start of fostering for us. It is very challenging but also very rewarding!

♡ What is the best part of volunteering at a rescue, the most satisfying or rewarding part?

When one of our fosters gets adopted to a loving home, it is a wonderful feeling! Because of fostering, they are acclimated to a home setting before going to their forever home. This makes them much more adoptable. We love getting updates from our foster's forever families and hearing how well they are doing!

♡ What is life like with Mowgli? Does he come to work with you?

Life with Mowgli is always interesting! He and his sister, Mila (a pit bull mix), are always play fighting. So our house can be a little chaotic! He has such a funny personality! Mowgli goes to work with his Dad usually once a week. He loves working!

♡ Does Mowgli love being photographed?

Mowgli is SO photogenic! First of all, look at him! He is so good at posing, and I think he knows it!

♡ What is his favorite past time?

Mowgli's favorite past time is doing anything outdoors with his Dad. They run together a few times a week. Mowgli has even ran a 10K! He also enjoys hiking, and play fighting in the backyard with Mila.

♡ Does he do any tricks?

Mowgli's tricks include Sit, Down, Shake, and being the sweetest boy in the world.

♡ Can you tell us something about what makes your friendship with Mowgli so special?

Mowgli and I have a special friendship because of our instant connection whenever we first saw him at adoptions. I knew we were there just for him when we saw him! Our friendship has gone so far beyond just us. We have impacted several other furry friend's lives together.