Leilani & Shrampton

Shrampton is my best friend because… we both love dressing up and doing fun things together. We just get one another and have so much fun. He’s my best sidekick.

Length of friendship: 5 years

Your social media fame: (Instagram account/facebook etc) @Shrampton

♡ How did you come up with the name Shrampton- Is there a story behind this?

The name Shrampton came from a combination of Shrimp and Shrimpton, as in Jean Shrimpton, one of my very favorite fashion icons and foods! I thought the names, Shrampton & Bunni (his sister) sounded very preppy which was suiting.

♡ Can you tell us a little more about his famous flop sit!

Shrampton is a Scottish Fold breed and just sits like that all the time. I don’t put him that way, he just loves sitting like that and I’ve seen a lot of the same breed do the same. It’s hilarious!

♡ Have you always taken pictures of him?

Oh yes, very hard not to. I got them in 2011 and had the very first iPhone. Instagram had just come out when they were 8 weeks old and no one was really on it yet or knew how big it would be. I photographed and videoed them constantly but sadly the quality on the camera wasn’t great then so they are a bit grainy in comparison.

♡ Can you tell us what a typical day for Shrampton is like?

He wakes me up by knocking on my sheets and wanting to cuddle. We take some Snapchats or Instagram at this time. Then it’s time for breakfast proceeded by flopping in a sunny nook, sleeping all day, playing games with his sister or alone, flopping, sleeping, eating dinner, playing, flopping, sometimes watching tv shows with my roommate then we go to bed.

♡ Where does he sleep? Does he love to cuddle?

He sleeps on top of his cat cave at the foot of my bed and then comes up for cuddles in the morning. He can’t get enough cuddles and loves to spoon.

♡ Has Shrampton always been so photogenic? Does he love being photographed?

Yes, he’s completely comfortable with cameras and attention. In fact he loves it.

♡ Shrampton gets in the craziest positions! Was he always like this as a kitten?

His famous flop developed after kitten-hood when he developed longer limbs.

♡ What's the cutest thing he has ever done?

When I pick him up and curl him up like a baby he often puts his paw on my heart and I melt a little. He also says, “Mom” a lot which I can’t get enough of.

♡ Is he an indoor cat?

Yes but he has a leash and we go on adventures when it’s warmer out. Last summer we went to the beach in Asbury Park and built a fort. Come Spring, have plans to bird watch in Central Park.

♡ Where is the funniest place you have found him?

I caught him wrapped up in one of my blouses on my dresser checking himself out in the mirror. He had a guilty look when I found him and quickly hopped away before I could snap a photo.

♡ Is he quite vocal?

Yes he loves to talk and is very vocal when playing with his sister. We understand each other and are very close.