My Sun, My Moon, My Stars

Whether it’s a furry feline or a pawfect pooch, one thing is certain – our whole universe revolves around our besties! Our new design ‘Out of This World’ was inspired by this infinite love, a love that transcends time and space! We wanted to share some fun facts we discovered in the process 😍

My Sun ☀️

Does your kitty do just about anything to seek out the sunniest spot in the house? Do you often find your pup basking in the sunshine, flashing a big smile and tongue out? That’s because our besties just LOVE sunbathing! 😎

Just like us hoomans, sun exposure is a great source of Vitamin D for dogs. But what about all that fluff? Well, have you seen your pup licking his fur after a session in the sun? Of course they may be grooming themselves to make sure they look paw-dorable, but they are also absorbing Vitamin D from their fur!

Be careful though – soaking up too many rays can cause heatstroke, sunburn and other sun-related illnesses in both cats and dogs 🤒 You can protect them by putting sunblock on sensitive areas such as their nose, ears and paw pads (think of their pink bits!) And of course always have a bowl of water close by!

My Moon 🌜 🌘

There are lots of ancient legends and mythology inspired by the moon – think werewolves! But do we really go crazy during a full moon? 🌕 One study found that the risk of emergency trips to the vet is 23 percent higher for cats and 28 percent higher for dogs on days surrounding full moons – so does the lunar cycle turn our besties into lunatics?! 🤪 The answer is, probably not… but they are more likely to spend more time outside when the moon is brighter, so perhaps it’s the midnight mischief that leads to more injuries!

We all use the phrase ‘I love you to the moon and back’ so often, but do we really know what that means? Well, on average, the moon is about 238,855 miles away. So you are really saying that you love them 477,710 miles – the distance to the moon and back!

My Stars ⭐🌟✨

Was your love written in the stars? 💫 Were you destined to be besties forever? 💖
We often feel this way about our fur-ever love, but did you know that there are actually 42 animal constellations in the night sky? Not only that, the brightest star in the night sky is Sirius – AKA the Dog Star – and it is one of the closest stars to the Earth (although it would take you 8 ½ years travelling at the speed of light to reach it!)

Whilst we may not be able to literally reach for the stars, we are pretty sure that if you had a star for for every time your BFF brightened up your day, all you pet mama’s out there would be holding a whole galaxy! 🌌