Kimchee & Erica

♡ Tell us about Kimchee!

Kimchee (aka @kimcheethemaltipoo) is his name. He is a maltipoo (maltese poodle mix) and he just turned 4 years old a few weeks ago!

♡ How did you meet? Was it love at first bark?

It was without a doubt love at first bark! Kimchee was a happy little wiggle butt from the very beginning!

♡ Describe your dog in 3 words!

Sweet, loving, and royal 👑

♡ What makes him bounce with excitement?

Going on playdates and to brunch with his furiends!

♡ Kimchee seems to love dressing up, what’s his favourite outfit?

This is a very difficult question! It all depends on his mood and the weather outside. We love wearing shirts, sweaters and collars. Aside from being chic and fashionable, we like our clothes to be comfortable to wear and easy to put on/take off.

♡ What are your top tips for getting your BFF to pose for you?

High quality and high value treats are #1! It’s also important to make sure your BFF feels comfortable and safe during the photoshoot. I train and practice at home with Kimchee often so that he can feel comfortable in different poses with various props.

♡ Any secrets or fun tricks you can share with us?

Kimchee loves learning new tricks! His most popular trick is the Burrito!

♡ Who needs Chocolate Eggs when you have…

Treats and cuddles!

♡ What is life like with your bestie?

I can’t remember what life was even like prior to Kimchee. Life with him has been life changing! Now, before stepping out of the house, I always ask: “Can Kimchee along come too?”