Mythological Besties

Sure, in today’s world we all want a puppy or a kitten or a horse (or a micro pig!) but did you know that through the ages some of the most desired besties were literally the stuff of legends? Today we’re diving deep into the world of fairy tales and myths to meet the most magical of creatures and friends.



With its origins in Greek mythology, Pegasus, child of Poseidon, was the OG bestie to the hero Bellerophon. He even has a pretty cool origin story, having risen from the slain gorgon Medusa, the ultimate light in the darkness. In fact, Pegasus became such a desired bestie that he was a an ultimate inspiration of the Greek muses. Can you blame them? Who wouldn’t want a best friend that is literally a horse with the magical power of flight??



Ah, unicorns and maidens – a quite literally legendary friendship pairing. While the exact magical talents of unicorns are hotly debated – they run the gambit from wish granting to dimension crossing to teleportation and beyond – there is no denying they have always had a special draw to certain human besties. Naturally shy and inquisitive and made up of dreamstuff, rainbows and sparkles, unicorns are equine royalty! They really are mystical friends of the highest caliber. Do you believe in unicorns?



Ok, so Game of Thrones may have made us just a little bit more scared of these bad boys! As babies these dragons were all sweetness and light but when they grew up they took on a whole lot of power of their own! Strong? Yes. Fearsome? Sure. But loyal, intelligent, and exciting? Yup, yup, and yup! Dragons aren’t always nearly as terrifying as their reputation – instead, they are the powerful besties of strong humans. They are naturally more selective and reclusive, preferring to form incredibly strong bonds with select people. Throughout mythology, some breathe fire, some collect treasure, some hail from icy regions, and some just fly. Just look at how attached Dany and her dragons are! There’s no denying the incredibly close bond, they share. (And if we’re ever in Westeros, we definitely want the dragons on our side!)

The Hippocampi

Truly the original and best sea-horse, the Hippocampus is a majestic creature from Greek mythology, with the forefront of a gorgeous pony and a fin built for the sea. (Part Mermaid, Part Horse! A mermaid horse? Sign us up!) Half horse, half aquatic creature, it is the brother of the Pegasus, as Poseidon was the God of the Sea and the father of horses. This magical creature was thought to have been besties with the lake-dwelling nymphs and the ocean-dwelling sirens and is equal parts mystical and beautiful.


The Hippogriff

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We just love these mixed breeds!Half eagle, half horse, and totally awe-inspiring, the Hippogriff made its first appearance in Greek poet Virgil’s Eclogues. Super fast and able to fly around the world and the moon, it flew into the hearts and minds of Medieval storytellers as well, positioning itself as an independent yet loyal best friend. In fact, the Hippogriff even helped a knight friend, Ruggerio, rescue a fair maiden! Now that’s one bestie you want by your side. The Hippogriff is such a timeless bestie, it even made a splash in Harry Potter in the form of Buckbeak, showing his loyalty and intelligence by helping Harry when he needed it most – and even letting him take a ride in the skies on his back!


The Phoenix

A bestie long associated with the sun, this fire-bird has always been a brilliant friend. They have long lifespans and are symbols of renewal and fresh beginnings. Sometimes depicted with fire-colored feathers, sometimes depicted with feathers made of fire, the phoenix is another loyal friend that helps its human besties in their times of need. Talk about a friendship that burns brighter than the sun!

Does your bestie have the soul of a mythical being? Is your pooch the stuff of legends? If they are as magical at heart as any of these legendary friends, we want to hear about it!