Oscar Bestie Party

Are you the coolest of cats or the classiest of canines? Oscars night is this weekend and we all know there’s nothing more fun than a fur besties Oscars viewing party! We’ve got all the best tips and inspirations for throwing the swankiest of pup affairs.


The Guest List

A viewing party can be the perfect chance to get your pooch some socialization and keep him/her running in the right circles.

Invite friends over with dogs of their own, just make sure you have the ability to separate pups if they get into a cat fight 😉 Invest in some baby gates to divide the room by size, always have a lookout for pups needing a bathroom break, and make sure you’ve got plenty of toys around to keep things fun.

Refrain from barking at the mailman, please

Pawty Punch 🍹

No classy affair is complete without a party punch, right? This recipe is 100% dog safe (and delicious!)


2 bananas

2 cups frozen blueberries

1 cup decaf green tea 🍵

½ tsp cinnamon

14 oz coconut milk


  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth and frothy in a blender
  2. Transfer to large bowl and store refrigerated
  3. Serve with ice (or more frozen blueberries!) at party time

Shaken or stirred?

Hors d’oeuvre

Let no tummies be grumbling! Fancy finger foods that can be made easily available to both people and pups, such as celery sticks and baby carrots, are a great way to streamline your service.

Or whip up some dog-friendly cookies and cupcakes (recipes here) to have out!

Adorable AND delicious

A Black Tie 🎩 Affair

Keep it cute by requesting your four-legged guests come dressed to the 9s. A tux and tails, a repurposed Cinderella gown, a pearl studded collar – the possibilities are endless! Have your furry guests “walk the red carpet” and stage a photoshoot for each – those pics will also make great favors!

Viva Pets


Have the dogs guess the big winner! Assign a movie to various toys or bowls of snacks and have the dogs take turns “choosing” a winner. Whichever toy, etc. gets picked up the most is the party’s consensus! Consider giving out the toys or mini award statues to the pups that guessed correctly.

John Chapple

Favors 🎊🎁

Don’t let your guests go home without a swag bag! You can fill up small totes (or a poop bag, if you wanna get clever and useful!) with small treats for the dog, printouts of your dog-friendly recipes, bubble bowers for their humans, and more!


We hope you have a magical night among the stars and please share with us your doggy glamor shots! 📸